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Sharing My Favourite Reads From The Week Just In Time For The Weekend.

Well my friends, this week’s Weekend Reading post totally got away from me. Actually, that could be said of the entire week really.

It’s been a bit of a crazy one guys – the type where you have a zillion things to do, yet somehow the days disappear, one-by-one and you haven’t made a dent in that mile long to-do list.

But honestly, that’s a-okay because we’ve got a trip to sunny Mexico to look forward to. And, whether the blog posts and videos are done or not, whether the floors get vacuumed before we board that plane, whether the yard has to wait a few more weeks to be raked – we’ll be sitting on the beach, sipping drinks, soaking up that sunshine and enjoying extra time with family that we just don’t get to see enough of.

My favourite part is that we don’t just stay at a resort, but get to stay with family in a beautiful little town near Puerto Vallarta, where we not only have a lovely beach to enjoy and a pretty town to explore, but also have the opportunity to connect with the people that live there and really experience the culture.

And of course, as if one trip wasn’t enough to look forward to, we couldn’t resist taking off to Jasper, AB for one last ski trip for the season last weekend too.

We had SO much fun spending a few days in the mountains, but it’s sure been a bit of a hustle this week trying to get all the things done before we leave for Mexico.

It was definitely worth it though! We always enjoy our time in the mountains!

Did I mention, my favourite subscription box ever arrived while we were gone?

This is my third box now and I’ve seriously loved them all. Not only is it always full of the most beautiful and amazing products, but each and every product is ethically made and gives back to the world in some way. It’s truly such a brilliant way to discover great companies and products that you can feel good about spending your money on and supporting.

Now, despite all the busy this week, I did manage to share this simple Spring mantel

stencil wall, bottle vase, mercury glass candles

I rounded up 10 DIY knit blankets that are so easy, anyone could make them (of course, I also included my own)…

And finally, I shared our simple Spring bedroom decor

iron bed, white bedding, linen bedding, stencilled wall, shiplap ceiling

I also managed to make and photograph the most lovely Spring wreath, which I’m hoping to get a tutorial up for in the next couple of weeks.

I managed to photograph our main floor all decked out for Spring (watch for that in the next few weeks too!).

And I even managed to film a video sharing 15 dog essentials that we couldn’t live without (hoping to share that soon too!).

So, though it’s been a pretty crazy week trying to get through all the things, I’m hoping to get everything written up for the blog so y’all can enjoy a few posts, even while we’re gone. #wishmeluck

And now, I hope you enjoy some of my favourites from this week…

Weekend Reading

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I could scroll this beautiful Insta feed all. day. long.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday my friends!

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