10 Simple DIY Knit Blankets Anyone can Make

Whether this is your first ever knitting project or you’ve been knitting for years, these 10 DIY knit blankets are so simple to make, yet so beautiful you’d never know it!

Sometimes, a do-it-yourself project can feel intimidating, a bit over our heads maybe, a bit out of our comfort zone. I totally get it. I’ve definitely come across projects that are way out of my comfort zone, way beyond my current ability levels. If I love it enough though, I’ll always find a way to push through that – there’s always someone out there that can teach me what I need to know, whether it be my husband, a friend or even a fellow blogger or YouTuber sharing a tutorial.

Last week I shared this lovely DIY knit blanket with y’all – I told you about how new I am to knitting, how it was my biggest knitting project yet, how I had to YouTube the stitches every step of the way and of course, how proud I was to have created such a beautiful blanket all on my own.

And every day since I’ve had comments about how much you love it and how y’all wish you knew how to knit so that you could make one of your own too.

Well my friends, I’m here to tell you, you can! Whether you’ve never even held a pair of knitting needles in your hands or you’re a seasoned pro – if I can do this (with a bit of help from the old hands on YouTube), you most certainly can too!

I didn’t know how to knit. Sure, I’d made a couple of things over the years (as in two I think, over a 20+ year span), but I was by no means a seasoned knitter. Heck, I had to search for tutorials on YouTube about how to get started even (known as casting on, in case you were wondering).

Now, to make things extra simple for myself, I took out all the guesswork of planning my project by purchasing a kit with everything I needed to make that beautiful blanket. And friends, I was truly amazed at how simple it was to create (you can read more about it all here).

And I’m telling you, even if you’ve never picked up a set of knitting needles before, you too can make your own DIY knit blanket – even if you don’t go the ready-made-kit route, I promise you, it’s so much easier than you think (which is true of so many DIY projects, isn’t it?)!

I mean, we all have to start somewhere, right?!

So today, with the hopes of inspiring you to take on your own DIY knit blanket, I’m sharing ten beautiful knit blankets that anyone can make, no matter what your knitting experience or level expertise may be.

10 DIY Knit Blankets that Anyone Can Make

Lauren Conrad

Made Up Style

Love of Home

The DIY Mommy

Lily Ardor

Lynne Knowlton

Happy Happy Nester

She Holds Dearly

Mama in Stitch

Nourish and Nestle

And of course, you can find all of the details about this cozy DIY knit blanket here.

Now, just in case you’d like to skip the DIY part, here are some of my fave versions that are already made:

Though, I sure hope all of these beautiful tutorials have left you feeling inspired to take on your own DIY knit blanket!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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4 thoughts on “10 Simple DIY Knit Blankets Anyone can Make

  1. Kristi! I’m not a knitter but I love to sew and quilt! You have definitely got me interested in knitting one of these lovely blankets! You have done such a nice job on yours! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you so much Mary-Ann! I’m really happy with how it turned out! I’m sure you’d love knitting just as much as you do sewing and quilting!

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