3 Simple Ways to Make your Home Feel Cozy this Winter

Sharing 3 simple ways to make your home feel cozy + inviting all winter long…

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Happy weekend my friends!

It’s time again for another instalment of our cozy living series. I always look forward to seeing all of the cozy inspiration everyone has to share each month – you can find even more cozy living ideas at the end of this post.

This time of year, this long lull between the excitement of Christmas and a Spring that still feels so far away, is always a bit difficult. Though I adore the coziness of all that lovely decor that filled our home all through the holiday season, when all is said and done, I’m always ready to welcome in that fresh feel that comes with packing up all that Christmas clutter too.

But packing away Christmas can sometimes leave things feeling a bit cold + bare.

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And, though we find ourselves flipping the calendars to February already, we’ve still got a whole lot of Winter ahead of us (especially here in Canada!).

So today, I wanted to share with you three simple ways I keep our home feeling cozy, all Winter long.

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one. Bring in Some Greenery

One of the easiest ways to make a home feel “homey” is to add a bit of greenery. Things can feel a bit dim and lifeless when everything outside is buried under a blanket of white, but a few plants scattered around the house always helps to brighten things up and brings a bit of life to a space.

two. Let in the Light

We’ve been smack dab in the middle of a Winter storm for the last two days – with temperatures dropping below -30℃ and more than 50cm of snow in the forecast this weekend, the view outside our windows is white as far as the eye can see. With what little daylight we have this time of year buried under mountains of snow, you better believe we’re bringing in all the extra light and warmth we can. An easy way to bring in that warm glow is with the soft lighting of lamps, candles and of course, what we all crave most this time of year, a warm fire to curl up in front of.

three. Layer up

Layering all the cozy textures in a space is an easy way to add warmth and fullness to a home without adding clutter. Rich textures like wood, velvet, wool and faux fur bring so much warmth.

And when it comes to texture, I say the more the better! Rugs, blankets, pillows, wall decor, lamps, picture frames – bring in all the cozy layers you can my friends!

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Wishing you a lovely weekend my friends!

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18 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Make your Home Feel Cozy this Winter

    1. Ahhhh, well we’ll be right there with you Dawn! We’ve definitely got a few more months of winter ahead of us here in Northern AB too. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you so, so much Danielle! We’re in the middle of the coldest weather we’ve seen all winter right now, so I’m definitely enjoying all the cozy I can!

  1. I loved your ideas to stay warm and cozy. Add in the scent factor to make it scentsational. I love having soup cooking in the slow cooker or hot cider. The warmth of food, fragrance and flavor hits as you open the door.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Sandralee! There’s nothing cozier than walking in from a cold, blustery day to the smell of dinner cooking away, or fresh baking in the oven! Thanks so much!

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