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Sharing a look back at the year behind us + quick little update on all things {currently}…

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Okay friends, I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t be happier to see February roll in. Maybe it was that long lull that comes after all the excitement of the holidays or maybe it’s this crazy polar vortex we’ve been stuck in, but January felt like it was 529 days long and I for one, couldn’t be happier to be moving on. Though I suppose, there’s a good chance that February might just follow in those footsteps, we’ve also got some exciting things to look forward to! You’ll have to read on (and follow along with us on Instagram), to learn all about it!

And so, here’s a quick update about where I am {currently}…

Reading: Maybe it’s the remnants of Christmas break still sticking around, or maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve made a bit more time to breathe as we kick off a new year, whatever the reason, I’ve had me nose in a book every chance I can get! Since last month’s update, I’ve plowed through Crazy Rich Asians, The Alice Network, Present Over Perfect, and Everything I Never Told You, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend.

On my nightstand currently: Watching You by Lisa Jewell.

Writing: A kitchen tour, including a look at how we’ve organized everything inside the drawers and cupboards (because who doesn’t love a peek behind closed doors!). Hoping to finally share it on the blog next week!

Watching: Not much honestly. It’s hard to watch TV with your nose stuck in a book!

Needing: To get my head back in the game and plan some house + blog goals for the year ahead.

Creating: Not much of anything if I’m being honest. The busyness over the last few months has really clouded my creative side and any motivation I have to create. I will say, I have been working through a ton of de-cluttering and organizing around the house, which always helps me clear my head and find some space to be creative again. I did manage to share 6 Ways Tidying Up with Marie Kondo has Changed our Life over on YouTube.

Learning: How to use my instantpot (finally!)! I’m ashamed to say it, but I’ve been so scared and overwhelmed to learn how to use it that it’s stayed in it’s box for months now. But, after spending last Sunday morning at my Mom’s house cooking away all sorts of delicious recipes in it, I’m feeling SO much more comfortable cooking with it! I can’t wait to try making some yogurt and cheesecake. I’ve also been following along with this amazingly helpful and supportive facebook group full of all sorts of recipes (including even the simplest instructions about which buttons to push and how to set things). If you’ve got an instantpot, you should definitely check it out!

Planning: We’ve been thinking about it for years now and we’re SO excited to finally embark on the journey of adopting a rescue dog. Keep an eye out on Instagram to follow along with us!

Loving: All the cozy layers when we crawl into bed at night.

Wearing: I’ve been living in this soft + cozy cardigan.

Kon Mari Closet

Coveting: I’m still working up the courage to splurge on this beauty!

Working for me right now: Decluttering and organizing all the things!

What’s not: Finding my way out of our laid back, holiday break. (YES, still!)

Anticipating: Some time away from this polar vortex we’ve been stuck in!

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I’d LOVE to hear where are you currently? What are you most looking forward to through the year ahead?

Wishing you SUCH a lovely weekend!

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  1. Glad you are going to adopt a rescue dog. We currently have four, all wonderful! We have had many more over the years. It’s the only way to go! Love your blog

    1. That’s amazing Carolyn! We adopted from a litter of puppies (now 5 months old) – they were all SO sweet, I wish we could have taken each and every one of them home! We’re so lucky to be able to give this sweet pup a loving home. Thanks so much Carolyn!

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