Monthly DIY Challenge: Rustic Scrap Wood Pallet Art

Good morning friends and welcome to another Monthly DIY Challenge!

Monthly DIY Challenge | making it in the mountains

I absolutely love teaming up with my talented bloggy friends each month to see the different ideas we can come up with from the very same starting point! Last month we featured all sorts of Dollar Store DIY’s and this month had us shopping from the trash can (or recycling bin for my fellow environmentally conscious friends!).

Trash to Treasure | making it in the mountains

Having taken on the One Room Challenge this Spring, our life has been totally consumed with painting, plank walls and all things cabin themed! Haven’t heard of the One Room Challenge? You can read all about the craziness we got ourselves into signing on here! Due to our current preoccupation with all things Big Boy Bedroom, we couldn’t help combining forces in our two challenges this month with this custom DIY Plank Wall Art that we put together with a few scraps from Carson’s plank wall.

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I was pleasantly surprised with how easy these were to make! The hardest part was getting up the guts to finally get started (more on that below!).

We started by scrounging up every last piece of scrap wood we could get our hands on. Brady built me up three wooden bases in about 2.2 seconds by simply cutting down the boards to size and screwing them all into a couple of 1×4 boards running the opposite way across the back.

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Then, came the part I’d been dreading the most …

The truth: I’d actually been leaving this project until the bitter end of our One Room Challenge deadline simply because I was dreading having to figure out how to use my newest crafting splurge, my Silhouette Cameo (*affiliate link). I bought myself one last year when they went on crazy huge sale in November for Christmas (yes, I buy myself Christmas gifts sometimes!). I’ve seen the amazing things you can do with the Silhouette and I just knew I needed one of these amazing machines in my life!

But then, it sat and sat (and sat) in my crafting closet for months and months (and months)! Trouble was, though I knew it could do amazing things, I had no idea how to make it do those amazing things. I’m terrible with technology and just thinking about having to teach myself how to use this thing was totally and completely overwhelming. Luckily this One Room Challenge came along and, like it had in so many other ways, it pushed me to finally pull my Silhouette out of that box! Turns out the fear of the unknown was so much worse than my actual experience! Hmmmm, isn’t that almost always the case?!

So, what did I do with this crazy contraption after I pulled it out of the box and got it all plugged in. I … wait for it … read the manual! Yep, the super short five (or so) page manual told me everything I needed to know to create the silhouettes for my project. I purchased a couple of images from the official Silhouette shop online, loaded them into my Library as per the directions in my manual. After measuring the size of my pallet, I set a measurement onto the software for the image to be cut to. Then I simply loaded my blade (set to the #2 setting according to my ever handy manual), fed the vinyl into the loader (again, directions for it all in the manual) and CUT.

I will say, that old adage to measure twice and cut once would have been a helpful one to remember as I wasted a bit a lot of vinyl trying to find the right size, but that’s a looong (and slightly embarrassing) story that I won’t get into today.

For the sake of complete disclosure (and perhaps a shout out to to say THANKS!), I should tell you that I did consult with one of my bloggy besties Erica at Dwell Beautiful who has recently been named an official Silhouette Blogger – but, that was mainly for moral support.

I’ll tell ya, this is one of those times when all of those life lessons about facing your fears comes to fruition because it rally was SO much easier than I ever imagined!!!

Anyway, deep life lessons aside, it was time to get back to work.

After removing the backing, I carefully placed my new stickers onto the pallets moving them around as needed until I got them just where I wanted them. I made sure to press them down to the wood as best I could so that no paint or stain would sneak through. You may notice that I made use of the actual stickers that were printed with two of the pallets, but I also used the outer portion of one moose to create an area to paint inside too (that plain ol’ green moose).

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Next it was time to slap on a layer of stain or paint. In the examples below, I placed the vinyl stickers straight onto the raw wood and then added a coat of my fave new Weatherwood Stain on top to create that perfectly weathered look (you can read more about how it all works and see it in action on our new plank wall here). For the record, I might just have added a coat of this awesome stain to the other two pallets too before adding their stickers. For those other two pallets I just added a light(ish) coat of Country Chic Chalk Paint in Rustic Charm over the stickers.

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Then, once everything was dry, I peeled the vinyl off to reveal this…

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

After nailing in a couple of picture hooks to the back of each piece, these babies were ready to hang!

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

I cannot even believe how long it’s taken me to pull that fabulous machine out of the box! Honestly, figuring it all out was SO much easier to use than I had imagined! I’m already dying to put it to work on my next project!!!

Rustic DIY Plank Art | making it in the mountains

Check it out how I used this art in our new Rustic Big Boy Bedroom!

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Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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53 thoughts on “Monthly DIY Challenge: Rustic Scrap Wood Pallet Art

  1. I love these, especially the Moose (My guys nickname!) You are so creative, and I LOVE a good trash to treasure project!!

  2. These are SO cute! They are just perfect for Carson’s room. I’m so glad you finally decided to break that Silhouette out of the box 😉 And thanks so much for the shoutout! You are too kind 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I’m SO glad I’m not the only one! I thought maybe people would read that and think I was nuts! I’m thrilled with how they turned out and now that I know how easy the Silhouette is to use, I cannot wait to try out a few more ideas I’ve been holding on to 😉

    1. Awwww, thanks Becca!!! I’ve still got a few more tricks up my sleeve with that stain that we’re working on for another room now too! Can’t wait to share!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

  3. Very cool! I can relate to the inhibitions regarding the silhouette ‘cuz I was hearing the exact same apprehensions from Erin here! glad you just dove in and tried it out because this is great. I also really dig that stain!

    1. Awwww, thanks Dan! Happy to hear I’m not the only one terrified by new technology 😉 And the stain is AWESOMESAUCE! Can’t wait to put it to work on a few new projects soon!

  4. I love these Kristi!! I’m glad we both finally got around to using our Silhoeuttes haha. And yes, I also ruined a few pages of Gold Foil paper 😉 Can’t wait to see what else you do with it!

    1. Thanks Bre!!! I was kicking myself after I figured out that the measurements of my paper were backwards in the software, which let me think I had more room to cut out than I did. Ugh! You live, you learn I guess 😉 Can’t wait to try a few more projects now that I’ve got that first one out of the way!

  5. I love this idea! So creative! I love the moose & the colors that you used! Hope that you are having a great week! 🙂

    1. Thanks Marie! They really are amazing machines and there’s just a ton you can do with them! I can’t wait to explore the possibilities! I’m sure they’ll have another crazy half off sale this winter again, you might just have to spoil yourself too 😉

  6. These came out SO cute, Kristi!! And I’m the same way with technology… I was laughing as I read this because your fears about your Sillouette are my fears about Twitter. Haha! The unknown is intimidating (which is why I still haven’t joined the land of the social media living). Anyways, great job on this! Carson must be so excited about his room! 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I’m SO happy to hear I’m not alone, though I have to admit, my attitude toward technology makes me see just how old I’m getting 😉 Thanks so much Christina!

  7. These are so awesome, Kristi! And so perfect in your little man’s room.:) Also, loving your new blog design!!

    1. Thank you SO much Shannon! I can’t wait to play around a bit more with that Silhouette now! And I’m thrilled with our bright new look, I’m so happy you love it too! Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi, Kristi ~ I’m visiting from the Party in Your PJs Link Party. I love this DIY art! I’m saving for a Silhouette Cameo, and every time I see a project made with it, I get a little more excited (even though that seems physically impossible)! :0) I’m so glad you got your Cameo out of its box for this project.

    1. Thank you Tiffany! It’s really an incredible machine and I cannot wait to try a ton of new things with it! You’re going to love it! PS. They have AWESOME sales in November 😉

  9. So cute Kristi! I always have scrap wood lying around and love seeing different uses for it. It is great that they are each different, but all coordinate together. This would be a cute idea to do at Christmas with the moose and maybe a tree or something holiday related. I’ll have to keep the project in mind!

  10. These are beautiful!! We call our daughter little moose because she loved this adorable onesie that we got from a trip to Minnesota of a moose. It had the moose on the front and a little moose tail on the back. too bad she can’t fit in it anymore.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  11. Kristi these are super adorable!! I especially love the train! Just wanted to let you know I’ll be including your project on My Favorite Things roundup tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

  12. These are too cute Kristi! Love the moose! Thank you so much for sharing this pin on the P3 party Board! We loved it and it will be featured on the blog and my social media tomorrow! So look for a little traffic from me!

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