One Room Challenge {Week One}: Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Design Plan

How I’m designing the Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom of my dreams (and then making it come to life in just six weeks)!

Oh my goodness!

I’ve been dying to share this news for months with y’all!

You may have heard mention of it on Monday in my {Currently} post, but today I’m finally revealing what I’ve had up my sleeve …


I am CRAZY excited to be taking part in the One Room Challenge hosted by Calling it Home! Have you heard of it? Basically, I’ll be working my butt off (with a ton of help from hubs) to completely transform one room in our home in just six weeks. That’s right folks … SIX WEEKS!

I must be nuts!

We actually took part in the Spring making over Carson’s Rustic Big Boy Bedroom and had so much fun doing it that I couldn’t help but sign on again this Fall!

You may have guessed which room I’ll be working on (my post title didn’t leave much to the imagination), but now I cannot wait to share my design plans!

So, here’s what we’ll be starting with:

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

It doesn’t get more “blank slate” than this.

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

Now, before I die of embarrassment, I just need to clarify a few things:
one. We purchased a king size bed for ourselves after moving into our new (to us) home this Spring, though aside from the sheets, I haven’t quite gotten around to finding some proper bedding yet. Doesn’t it look terrible?
two. We used to have a very pretty headboard (see it in our old home tour here), but it no longer fits our new king size bed, so back to the drawing board we go.
three. I did NOT hang that curtain rod an inch above the window and so, I accept absolutely no blame (aside from not moving it yet) for the puddle of curtains on the floor.
four. We have been planning to replace our old closet doors for months now, but have only gotten as far as removing the old doors (you can see the “new” ones hiding there in the back).

Now that you’ve seen it at its worst, let’s imagine it all at its best, shall we?

I’ve been pinning away all sorts of inspiration (check out my Master Bedroom Inspiration board) for ages and I’ve got to say, I’m SO, SO excited that we’re finally – FINALLY – ready to start work on the Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom of my dreams!

How I'm designing the Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom of my dreams (and then making it come to life in just six weeks)!

I’m planning to work within a neutral colour palette to develop a rustic, yet classic farmhouse style. This room needs to be a comfy, cozy & luxurious retreat.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our hardwood floors and, though the colour is not everyone’s taste, I love the lightness they bring to the room and won’t be changing a thing about them! Everything else however, needs to go! From the ceiling, walls, lighting and trim – every inch of this room is due for an update.

I’ll be starting by brightening things up a bit with white EVERYTHING – walls, ceiling, doors and trim will all be getting a few coats of my favourite warm white paint.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White


I’m planning to create a subtle focal wall with this pretty stencil and sew up some curtains with this gorgeous linen.

And what farmhouse would be complete without some shiplap like this lovely planked wall from Love Grows Wild?!

DIY Plank Wall

This farmhouse style chandelier has me totally swooning!

Farmhouse light

And of course, the most important part of any bedroom – the bed


Complete with the most luxurious bedding!

Luxurious Farmhouse Bedding

And, I have to say, I’m completely over the moon excited about the amazing decor accents I’ve found at Birch Lane!

Birch Lane Decor

Having a total blank slate to start with, there’s really just endless possibilities before us! Unfortunately, endless possibilities don’t necessarily mean and endless budget. Bummer right?! To not only keep track of all of our supplies and plans, but also our budget we’ve been using this awesome new tool called Itsums (you can read all about how it works here)! Plus, if you’re looking for sources for all of my fab finds, you’ll find them all pinned to my Master Bedroom Inspiration board (with links to everything)! It’s been an absolute lifesaver as we embark on our renovation journey and I know it will come in so handy as we move through each room in our home!!!

Because this gal LOVES her lists, I’d like to leave you with a quick rundown of everything we’ve got planned:
-paint walls, doors, ceiling & trim
-stencil wall
-plank the ceiling
-change baseboards & trim
-change light fixture
-refinish dresser & bedside tables
-make & hang curtains
-refinish & mount antique closet doors
-sew pillows
-sew bedskirt
-build faux fireplace

I’ve actually created a few pieces for my new bedroom already like this DIY Trumea Mirror (see how I gave it that antique finish here):

Looking to add some vintage charm and character to your painted furniture? Don't miss this brilliant tutorial: How to Age Furniture with Antiquing Powder! You won't believe how simple it was!


As well as this pretty Barn Wood Jewelry Hanger:

Decluttering Jewelry

And, of course, I’ve also got a ton of shopping to do! Check out my entire shopping list here (updated with purchases and new finds as they come).

The BEST way to plan any project and keep track of your budget!


Now that’s a ton to do in just six weeks! I can’t wait to start crossing things off of that list!

With a ton of fun DIY’s planned, these six weeks are sure to make for THE BUSIEST Fall EVER, but I’m so, so excited to get started!

Hmmmmmm … what have I gotten myself into?!

Find tutorials for all of our Farmhouse Master Bedroom Projects below:


Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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77 thoughts on “One Room Challenge {Week One}: Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Design Plan

  1. Kristi- I’m so happy to see you participating again! It is so fun seeing what everyone is up to with this challenge… and you can’t beat the encouragement and support from all the participants. Looking forward to following along on your ORC journey. Looks like you have some amazing plans for this space!

    1. Thanks so much Erin! Right now I’m totally feeling overwhelmed with it all, but you’re right, there’s something about going through that craziness with so many fantastic bloggers that are sitting in that very same boat! Here’s hoping it all comes together as planned!

    1. We must be nuts! But I just couldn’t resist 😉 Can’t wait to see how everything comes together! Looking forward to following along with your patio as well Emily!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see the awesomeness you bring to your room! And there is nothing as beautiful as farmhouse. The planked ceiling with that new light are very inspiring. Very excited for you.

  3. I’m SO happy you are doing the one room challenge again! I loved following along with your son’s bedroom transformation last time. For my house, I’ve been incorporating a lot of farmhouse style as well. I haven’t gotten to decorating the master bedroom at all yet, so I’m excited to get some inspiration from you.

    1. Awwwwww, thank you SO, SO much Jenna! You are much too sweet! I hope everything comes together as I’m picturing and that you can find a ton of inspiration in it all! xo

  4. Kristi, wow I love your inspiration and your design board! So farm house chic! So thrilled to be doing ORC with you again! You were one of my biggest cheerleaders and one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge again. You always amaze me with your major DIY projects, and I can’t wait to see what you do this round! Let’s do this!

    1. Oh yay!!! I’m SO happy we’re in this together again! I loved going through it all with you last time around and especially love the connection that we’ve formed because of it! Can’t wait to walk this journey with you again my friend! xo

  5. That light! Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed with it. What a beautiful space you are creating! I can’t wait to watch another one of your amazing transformations.

  6. Kristi, I LOVE your plank, white plank walls, the light is just stunning! I am so excited to follow along! I loved your boys room you did in the spring too! Best of luck, and thanks so so much for the encouragement over on my blog! 🙂

  7. This room is going to be a gorgeous! I love all of the light and airy, with a little rustic elements thrown in. I loved your son’s bedroom makeover from the spring. I am taking part in the challenge for the first time and redoing my boy’s bedroom. I actually came across your boy bedroom while looking for ideas online. Loved it! I am so excited to follow along and see how this room transforms!

    1. I was super excited to see that you’re taking part Emily and cannot wait to follow along! Thank you so much for your sweet words and encouragement (I’ve no doubt that I’m going to need it!)!

  8. I’m with you on the light floor love and oh how I adore shiplap!!! Love, love your plans…the bed and chandelier are so pretty!

  9. I love your farmhouse master plans. I’m doing my master too! I am even contemplating that light fixture. It’s on sale right now at Joss and Main in case you’re interested in getting it there. Can’t wait to see how your master turns out. I loved your Rustic boys room from the spring challenge.

    1. Thank you!!! How fun that we’ll both be taking on our bedrooms and it sounds like we have very similar tastes too! Can’t wait to follow along! And thanks so much for the heads up about the sale!

  10. Wow, your blank slate could be a lot of peoples’ finished product! Love the plans though, I’m sure it’s going to turn out amazing! I chose to do our bedroom, and this is my first ORC, so I’m thankful to have inspiration and ideas from talented people like you. Also, I am going to have to check out Itsums, sounds awesome!

    1. You are much too sweet Kelly! Thank you! I can’t wait to check out your bedroom too and follow along as you work your way through your first ORC! And you definitely should check Itsums out – it’s brilliant!!! Thanks again!

  11. I adore everything you’ve picked out. This transformation is going to be amazing! Can’t wait to watch!

  12. Wow! Sounds like a challenge! I’m in the process of redoing our master bedroom as well. It is a more daunting project than it seems like it would be– but sounds like you’ve got a beautiful plan in mind! Good luck!

    1. Thanks SO much Angela!!! I cannot wait to see how everything comes together! Very much looking forward to following along with your laundry room too my friend! Good luck!!!

  13. Kristi,

    I already think your bedroom has some really beautiful elements so I can’t wait to see how your makeover turns out! Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up with Dream. Create. Inspire. Link! I’ll bee following your progress!


  14. Farmhouse style is one of my favorites!! Your inspiration items are great ! We have room in our master bedroom for a king size bed,,,but you are takes a bit of time and money to get all the new accessories that go with it! Have fun!! Stopping in from Wicker House blog hop.

    1. I’m totally crushing on all things “farmhouse” style too Dawna! I hadn’t really thought through everything buying a new bed would entail, but I have to say, having a king size bed has been glorious and makes those nights that our son jumps in just a little less crowded 😉 Thanks so much!

  15. Definitely loving everything you have picked out! It is going to look fantastic. Can’t wait to see it all put together. You will likely never want to leave that space 🙂 It would be a tad stressful to get everything done in 6 weeks, BUT it would make you get it done in 6 weeks! HA! I think that is just what I would need to get my tail in gear on some projects. Best of luck- visiting you from Savvy Southern Style. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you SO, SO much for your sweet comment Brooke! The timeline is definitely the most stressful part, but you’re right, it’s so nice to have an entire room done in just six weeks! I’m absolutely dying to see how it all comes together!!!

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