Vintage Boy Nursery Design + A Giveaway

I can’t wait to share this Vintage Boy Nursery Design! And the best part my friends, I designed it all with budget in mind!

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums
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I am unbelievably honoured and excited to be teaming up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you the first ever Kids Bedroom Design Challenge! Not only will be all creating our own very own kids bedroom design, but we’ll all be doing it within the very same budget. That means that everything from the mattress to the window coverings will have to come in at less than $2500. And how will we be keeping track of it all you ask? We’ve partnered with THE MOST BRILLIANT project planner ever – Itsums – to keep it all organized, in one place and on budget. Itsums allows you to add any product to a visual pinboard, while keeping track of costs at the same time. Think Pinterest with a handy budget tracker my friends. Genius, right?! It just makes it so easy to keep track of products, materials and most importantly, budget!

And, not only that, my friends … we’re also giving you the chance to win a $150 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids just for signing up for an Itsums account!

So, wanna meet the participants?

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

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Seriously, is this not the most fun idea ever?! I cannot wait to see what everyone came up with!

Here’s how it all works:

To make sure everybody was on the same page, each of the participants had to include the following elements in the design:

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

Now, I cannot wait to show you the Vintage Boy Nursery Design that I came up with and how I put it all together using Itsums!

First of all, those of you that have been following along with my adventures for a while might wonder why I’m sharing a nursery today – after all, our son is three years old and loving his new Big Boy Bedroom. I should probably start out by squashing any pregnancy rumours before they start – there are no new babies on the way in the Mercer house. So, why then did I choose to design a nursery you ask? Well, we chose to wait to find out the gender of our little man until he entered our world, which means that his nursery design was completely gender neutral – here’s what I would have liked to put together if I’d known we’d be having a little boy!

Vintage Woodland Nursery Design

I am SO in love with each and every element that it almost makes me wish we did have another on the way … almost.

So, how did I put Itsums to work for me as I planned out this sweet space? I can’t wait to show you!

The very first step is creating an Itsums account (which just so happens to automatically complete your entry for a chance to win a $150 Pottery Barn Kids gift card!).

Then, just install the itsums bookmarklet to your bookmark bar and it’s time to start window shopping! When I came across something I might want to add to the room, I simply clicked the Itsums button and this helpful little box popped up prompting me to enter in the price, quantity & allocate which board I’d like to add it to.

Shopping with

If you haven’t yet created a board, then just select “add a sum board” from the Sum Board drop down menu and it will show you another box that you can use to name your board and set a budget (check out mine here).

Shopping with

It also gave me the chance to further categorize each item and add in any other details I wanted to make note of (this is where I noted which elements in the picture I liked and where I’d like to use each item in the room).

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

With each and every product you add to your board, your budget adjusts, telling you how much you’ve used and how much you’ve still got left to spend.

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

Or, if you’re like me, how much you’ve gone OVER budget (don’t worry, I fixed it!)!

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

What’s really great is that when you go over budget, you can just “hide” items from the total budget to see how that might get you back on track. As you decide which products you like the most, you can also eliminate ones that have maybe worked their way down your list. This is SO perfect as it allows you to window shop for multiple options, compare prices and then keep only the ones that are your absolute faves!

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

Itsums made it SO easy to sort everything into the set categories and even broke down the budget so I could see where every dollar had been allocated.

Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

And I absolutely love having the option to mark things as “purchased,” which makes it easy to keep track of how much I’ve spent so far and how much I’ve got left to go.

Not only is this a way to keep track of your own projects and budgets, but it’s a great way to search by topic for ideas and inspiration as well. Any board you like can be recreated and you can add or adjust items as you wish. This means that if you find some really inspiring boards, you can just use them as a jumping off point and make things your own. Though you can use the project categories to look through every board in the community, boards and budgets are kept anonymous to protect the privacy of all users.

I swear, this site is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I’ve been using it for everything from planning out our Christmas shopping to renovating our home (see how we put it to work through our entire Boy Bedroom Makeover here).

I’m telling you, this is just SO brilliant!!! And it’s SO incredibly easy to use – everything is super intuitive! I really could chat forever about how much I loved putting itsums to work! I swear the possibilities are endless!!!

Now, I’d love for you to hop on over to check out my Vintage Woodland Nursery Board to see how I put every dollar of that $2500 budget to work! You’ll find direct links to shop by simply clicking on your favourite photos!

I can't wait to share this Vintage Boy Nursery Design and how I designed it all with a budget in mind!

And while you’re there, don’t forget to create your own Itsums account to automatically be entered for a chance to win a $150 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids!


Kid's Bedroom Design Challenge with Itsums

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I’d love to hear what you’ll be planning with your Itsums board!

Have a party to plan, a renovation in the works, a room to decorate, or maybe just some shopping to do?  You won't want to miss this BRILLIANT way to Plan Out Any Project while keeping your budget in mind!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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38 thoughts on “Vintage Boy Nursery Design + A Giveaway

    1. Thank you Amy! It really is THE BEST! I’ve been putting it to work for months now and absolutely love how simple it makes planning out and shopping for every project!

  1. Kristi, this is so fun and creative! I always love seeing your design work and inspiration! Which brings me to the question, are you doing ORC again? You have mad DIY skills and can’t wait to see what you do next!

      1. YAHO, so exciting! You’re so talented and loved being a part of it with you last spring!I’ve been on the fence, especially since it always a busy time for me for work. However, planning to finish my living room and team up with a home décor line here in Charlotte if I can stay the course. 🙂

        1. That’s great Sarah!!! I had a blast too and, though it just might have been the craziest six weeks I’ve ever lived, I couldn’t help but sign on again 😉 I’ll be watching for you my friend, can’t wait to follow along! xo

  2. What a stunning nursery! You have a great eye and I love your attention to details. again …I would like to invite you to share your posts each week at my Making Broken Beautiful Party. it has already begun but there is still time to join in.. It goes every Thursday from 6:00pm (MST) till Saturday 6:00pm (MST). It is a furniture and home decor party. I hope you can join, you have great taste!


    1. Thanks so much Amanda! It’s really the most brilliant idea and has been super handy planning out all sorts of things from our home renovations to our Christmas shopping! You’re going to love it!

  3. I love this nursery but I am not able to open any of the links in the post. I am wondering where the wallpaper is from?

  4. Love this nursery idea board but I can’t seem to access Too bad as it sounds like an awesome site. Where was the ceiling light fixture from?

    1. Thank you Sarah! Itsums was such a brilliant idea, but it’s no longer running. I think the light fixture was from Restoration Hardware, but it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore either. I’m so sorry!

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