One Room Challenge {Week Four}: Farmhouse Master Bedroom – A Few Bumps Along the Way

Hello friends!

Welcome back to week Four of our One Room Challenge.

One Room Challenge

Here we are, another week into our master bedroom makeover, another week closer to our reveal day and yet, our Farmhouse Master Bedroom is dauntingly far from finished. We’ve been working so hard, trying our best to knock each project off of our list, but, unfortunately, things are moving along much too slowly and honestly friends, panic is definitely starting to sink in.

With just two weeks left until reveal day, are we really going to be able to pull this off?

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve certainly made some progress:

The walls were painted and stencilled (last week)…

Farmhouse Master Bedroom

And you may have noticed that we managed to finish up our DIY Faux Fireplace, including styling it with some fabulous farmhouse decor. So, that’s something.

Learn how to style a fireplace with these simple tips!

But the rest has been moving along slower than ever. It would seem it’s called a challenge for a reason. Ugh.

My heart was broken and dreams dashed when I realized that my plans of a planked ceiling weren’t going to be as simple (or inexpensive) as I’d originally thought. You see, I had grand plans of chopping up inexpensive sheets of plywood into simple DIY planks, which I then intended to nail to our ceiling creating a lovely planked ceiling full of charm and character. I’ve seen countless tutorials for DIY planked walls and it sounded like such a cheap and easy solution to our ugly popcorn ceiling! Then, we went to the hardware store and discovered that the $12 sheets of plywood American bloggers use in their wall tutorials are more than $40 here! YIKES! So, back to the drawing board we go. We’re currently looking into a few other options, but I’m not so sure we’re going to be able to make this one happen and I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Thankfully, making over my dresser was a less disappointing experience (even if I did take the scenic route!).

Master Bedroom Makeover - Before

After spending hours and hours (and hours) stripping and sanding just one little side table, I was so excited to finally try a few stain options. I’d been dreaming of a gray, weathered looking wood, but unfortunately, that darn red just worked it’s way through each and every stain I tried and I couldn’t make any of them look as I had hoped. I finally threw in the towel and (wood purists, advert your eyes!), decided to paint them up instead. I mentioned last week that I had found the most perfect colour and thankfully, I got this one right!

How I'm designing the Farmhouse Master Bedroom of my dreams (and making it come to life in just six weeks)!

Of course, it couldn’t just be that easy (though I’m not sure easy is the word I should choose to describe it).

Now that the dressers had a new coat of paint, I decided the hardware needed a little freshening up too, so I got to got to work polishing up these beautiful pulls as well – a tediously slow process. They looked so shiny and pretty all polished up in a pile on my coffee table, but once I actually started screwing them back onto my dresser, I realized I was no longer digging the shiny as much.

Of course.

Honestly, all I could think was “you’ve got to be kidding me!” I could have saved myself hours worth of work just leaving these beautiful pulls well enough alone! I couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that I had just undone 50 years worth of aging and that it would be another 50 years before they’d ever look that perfect again. After trying (unsuccessfully) to talk myself into liking them this way for days, I did what any good DIY blogger would do, I made it my mission to make things right again. After a bit of research I decided to throw caution to the wind and followed a random tutorial I found online to darken them up once again (more on that another day). I mean really, what did I have to loose?

Farmhouse Master Bedroom

They came out perfectly aged, as if I hadn’t just erased the last 50 years of use. Thank goodness!

Speaking of the scenic route, I don’t think we’ll ever forget the most epic of our challenges in this master bedroom makeover, these lovely closet doors. Their vintage charm couldn’t be more perfect for our space and anything else would pale in comparison, but so far their installation has eaten up almost two whole days (and they’re not quite done yet – notice the gap) – I still think it’s worth it, but hubs would probably disagree (sorry sweetie!).

Farmhouse Master Bedroom

A few more pretty things have been rolling in as well, like this perfect bed…

How I'm designing the Farmhouse Master Bedroom of my dreams (and making it come to life in just six weeks)!

which just erases all most of the disappointments and struggles we’ve encountered along the way.

So, here’s what’s left on our list just two short weeks out:

paint walls, doors, ceiling & trim
-stencil wall
-plank the ceiling
-change baseboards & trim
-change light fixture
-refinish dresser & bedside tables
-make & hang curtains
-refinish & mount antique closet doors
-sew pillows
-build faux fireplace

Here’s to a productive two weeks to come and the gorgeous farmhouse master bedroom that’s sure to come out of it all!

How I'm designing the Farmhouse Master Bedroom of my dreams (and making it come to life in just six weeks)!

Find tutorials for all of our Farmhouse Master Bedroom Projects below:


Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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75 thoughts on “One Room Challenge {Week Four}: Farmhouse Master Bedroom – A Few Bumps Along the Way

  1. Oh Kristi I love it all! You’re been working so hard and it’s paid off! I’m just amazed at all that you do and inspired! Let’s do this! XOXO, Sarah

    1. Awwwww, you are just the sweetest my friend! I feel like we’re making no progress at all most days and I’m so worried we won’t get this room done, but boy it’ll feel so great if we do! Good luck to you too Sarah!!!

    1. Awwwwww, thank you SO, SO much Jesse! It’s hard to not feel discouraged (especially when I had it all so well planned!), but I’ve got to say that I’m crazy excited to see how it all turns out! Thanks again, that was just what I needed to hear!

  2. It’s looking fantastic – and I LOVE that beautiful bed! It’s so satisfying to work hard to make a space your very own, but it does take some time! Thanks for sharing. (stopping by from Brag Worthy Thursday hop)

    ~Taylor-Made Homestead~

  3. This is going to be awesome Kristi! I can totally relate to having your heart set on something and have it not work out. I am sure you guys will come up with a great solution. Just an FYI, when we moved into our house the entire house was popcorn ceiling. We scrapped it all off. It wasn’t hard at all and it really didn’t take that long either. Just a thought! Watch some youtube videos.

  4. I can’t wait to see the completed room. Everything looks beautiful so far.

    As for the ceiling planking, see if you can find sheets of masonite. I’m also in Canada and couldn’t find the wood other bloggers use at all. So I planked a closet with masonite. I believe it was around $12 (maybe more, maybe a little less). Worked great anyway.

  5. What a bummer about the plank ceiling! That must be why people usually just do a small accent wall when they go for the plank look. It’s so expensive! That bed makes up for the disappointment though, huh? It’s so pretty!

  6. i think it’s coming together beautifully! I love the stenciled wall and faux fireplace, it looks so pretty. Sorry about the planked ceiling, did you look into lumen boards? I think the Nester used them and they are supposed to be cheap as well. Keep on keeping on, it already looks fabulous! You can do it!

    1. Thank you SO much Ange! I will definitely looking into lumen boards, thanks! I’ve totally got my heart set on it and I’m really hoping we can come up with something that’ll work!!!

  7. Oooh it is looking great, Kristi! I am so envious of your gorgeous dresser! You did a wonderful job on it. The hardware looks great, and would have looked great polished, too. It’s all beautiful and I can’t wait to see the end result!

  8. Oh my goodness that fireplace is amazing!!!!! Also, I totally hear you on the whole plywood being so dang expensive thing. I wanted to use plywood for the entryway so that there would be knots and character and all that good stuff, but the cost turned me right off!!! This room is really turning out to be just beyond incredible – despite taking the scenic route in a few things, which we all do sometimes!!

    1. Awwwww, thank you Thalita! I actually just saw your tutorial this morning and sent it to my husband to check out! I hope we can find something similar to do our ceiling too! Thanks again!

  9. It’s looking awesome Kristi! I looooove your faux fireplace!! Wow! And I totally understand our ceiling disappointment! My husband was going to do our living room, kitchen and dining area but yes, we were shocked at the price of plywood! There’s got to be a way though!! πŸ˜‰ Good luck this week, though! xo

  10. It’s looking lovely! Great idea with the faux fireplace. I too am in Alberta- and yes, finished plywood is about $40/sheet. What about using MDF for your planked ceiling? Would have the same effect if you are painting it out, and is usually a bit cheaper… I look forward to seeing the rest of your makeover!

  11. Progress. Check. Gorgeous wall stencil. Check. Enviable furniture makeovers. Check. Stunning new bed. Check. All around goodness so far. Check.

    1. Oh my goodness, you are just the sweetest!!! Thank you SO, SO much for your kind words and encouragement! It was just what I needed to hear tonight! xo

  12. What a lot of work you have been doing! It looks amazing! (no one but you looks at the ceiling anyway….) but the walls that are stenciled are beautiful! The dresser is lovely in gray (you should’ve used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…no sanding no prep just paint)….and the bed is perfect for a farmhouse room…great job! Oh, and your faux fireplace…..stunning….

    1. Thank you SO, SO much Nancy! You are so right about that ceiling (though I’m still not giving up)! I did think about the chalk paint, though I’m hoping this will be more durable. Thanks again!

  13. I know you’re worried you won’t finish, but you could totally stop here and we’d all still be swooning! It looks amazing so far! The stenciled wall, that gorgeous fireplace that you styled perfectly, the dresser, the bed, ahhhhh it’s stunning! You’re rocking it!

  14. This is a beautiful room! I love the stenciled walls. It’s going to be such a nice retreat once you are finished.

  15. I just discovered your lovely blog and look forward reading how the transformation is going for your bedroom. Isn’t it dissapointing about the good American prices compared to Canadian.
    You have some fantastic ideas, as I am in the process of doing an update in my master as well.
    Would love to cover up the speckled ceiling! I didn’t know that Wayfair shipped to Canada. Good to know.

    1. Thank you SO much Anita! I’m so happy you are enjoying following along! The difference with American prices always disappoints. Yes, Wayfair does ship to Canada, though I’ll warn you, it wasn’t cheap (though I did ship a crazy heavy King Size bed!). Good luck with your master bedroom makeover as well!

  16. Okay, I may be stalking you, in a very friendly Canadian kind of way. πŸ˜‰ Hurry up and post that revel! I can even yell, MOVE THAT BUS! I’m so excited to see this… maybe because mine is right at the point of loosing interest, such a long process!

    1. Awwwww, you’re the best Laurie! Thank you!!! Just finishing up a few last minute details and waiting for the sun to come up so I can photograph … will be up later tonight (promise!). xo

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