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Sharing my favourite reads from the week just in time for the weekend.

Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve had the most wonderful week. If you’ve been following along with our adventures on Instagram, you’ll know just how crazy ours has been. It’s been nearly two weeks since we adopted this sweet girl and she’s been settling in quite well so far. She’s become my shadow, following me all around the house and curling up at my feet whenever I sit down.

Carson has had so much fun showing her how to play with all of her new toys and helping us get started with some training. Though she’s been such a fun addition to our family, having a pup around is definitely a lot of work. We’ve been mostly focused on crate training + house training so far, but we’re all looking forward to starting some puppy classes next week. The theories and methods behind training pups sure has changed since my last go around as a kid, but I’m reading all the books to catch myself back up with it all (so far my favourites have been this one and this one).

And so, with this sweet pup curled up at my feet, here’s what I’ll be catching up with this weekend…


Taking a tour of this gorgeous laundry room.

Loving this note from Jo on authenticity.

These might just be the prettiest cookies I’ve ever seen.

I cannot wait to whip up a batch of this granola!

Wouldn’t this breakfast board make the perfect Sunday brunch?!

*Clearly, I’m a bit hungry! *

Wishing you a lovely weekend my friends!

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Kristi, I’m so happy that you have a dog! Looks like your dog is settling in well! Enjoy! We sure love our little Maltese! A dog just brings you so much happiness!

    1. Thank you SO much Mary-Ann! She’s just the sweetest little thing, we are head over heels in love already! You’re absolutely right, they truly make such a wonderful addition to a family! Thanks again!!!

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