How to Make your own DIY Cotton Stems in Just 10 Minutes

These rustic DIY cotton stems were SO simple to make and they look so darn cute!

These rustic DIY cotton stems were SO simple to make and they look so darn cute! |

Hello friends and welcome back to another round up of beautiful decorating ideas that you can whip up in just 10 minutes or less!

10 Minute Decorating

Y’all, I’m seriously SO excited about this series! I mean honestly, who doesn’t have 10 minutes to spare?

On the first Wednesday of each month, I’ve been teaming up with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you all sorts of inspiration that you’re sure to love. This month’s theme was {Fall} and I cannot wait to see what everyone came up with!

It may only be the beginning of October, but here in Northen Alberta, we’re actually nearing the end of our Fall season – yes, already!

Most of the leaves have made their way from the branches to the ground and lately, we’ve even been waking up to a white layer of frost over everything. There’s no mistaking it, Winter is just around the corner…

But friends, I plan to soak up every last minute before the snow flies! Fall is my very favourite season and I definitely plan to enjoy it while I can!

I’ve mentioned before how much I love to decorate for Fall, but obviously spending a ton of money on decorations I can only leave up for just a few weeks isn’t very practical. Instead, I’ve made a few of my own and it’s been a lot of fun watching my collection of Fall decor grow…


This year, I really wanted to try my hand at making a few of those lovely cotton stems I’ve been seeing everywhere and I was so surprised at how simple they were to whip up!

DIY Cotton Stems |

The stems were just a few branches the Carson and I picked up on a walk through the forest – we grabbed a few from the ground that looked like they might give me the height I was looking for.

DIY Cotton Stems |

To add the cotton balls, I simply tore some pieces from a large pinecone to attach to the back of each cotton ball with a dab of hot glue and then, once dry, I used another bit of hot glue to attach each one to my stems.

DIY Cotton Stems |

Friends, it was SO simple! These sweet DIY Cotton Stems took just minutes to whip up, but they look so darn cute!

I’m thinking I may use them to decorate our new farmhouse style porch for Fall, but in the mean time, I think they look so pretty in my new office space!

DIY Cotton Stems |

DIY Cotton Stems |

DIY Cotton Stems |

DIY Cotton Stems |

DIY Cotton Stems |

DIY Cotton Stems |

Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to check out what the other gals came up with…














Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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45 thoughts on “How to Make your own DIY Cotton Stems in Just 10 Minutes

  1. I love cotton stems as they always remind me of my travels down South with my (late) husband. We loved the South so much that we went for decades usually twice a year! I have a jug of it (faux) on my kitchen counter and every time, I look at it, it brings up memories. I bought mine at Michael’s but no longer see it there and need more for a wreath so I’m definitely going to make your easy – but realistic – version! Thank you!

    PS: You may want to check out Lucy (a Toronto gal) who makes them from cardboard egg cartons – her blog is: “Craftberry Bush”.

    1. Oh Lainie, that’s such a lovely story – what a beautiful reminder of such special memories. I’m so happy you’re feeling inspired! And I know just the tutorial you’re talking about, Lucy is SO talented!!!

      1. Thanks Kristi – I just collected some pine cones this afternoon. Guess what I’m making tomorrow. By the way, my husband and I spent almost a week in your beautiful province and a year ago, my granddaughter went out to Banff and placed some of her grandfather’s ashes in the Bow River as we loved the scenery so much!

  2. Kristi! What a great idea! The cotton stems are so cute! Will definitely be making some of these for my “country” friends — and me! Thanks! Bless you!

    We live along the southern shore of Lake Winnipeg (Manitoba) and today it feels like winter is coming fast! We still have gorgeous colored leaves on our birch and oak trees among our pine trees. We live across from an island and the color of the leaves over there is so beautiful. Love the fall! I am still watering the flowers in the planters on our deck railing! So will enjoy them while we can!

    1. Thank you so, so much Mary-Ann! I’m thrilled to hear you’re going to make some of your own! And how lovely that you’ve still got some Fall left to enjoy!!!

  3. I’ve been dying to make some of these too! Can’t believe how easy they look. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial. They look perfect in your new office space.

  4. These are very real looking. Love that you used pinecones. May have to make some myself for autumn. Visiting from Show + Tell party.

  5. I really need to make some of these! I even have a plethora of pine cones in my front yard from our giant pine tree! Maybe I’ll get around to it this week 😉

  6. Kristi you were not kidding when you said they were that easy to make. I love when something is easy and it has major impact like these cototn stems. Hope you enjoy every last bit of your fall. When do the leaves start to fall to the ground over there? We have just gotten rid of summer down here in Greece and I for one, am glad to be done with it. Haha! I guess no one is satisfied with where they are.

    1. Thanks Mary! They really are SO easy to make! Wishing you a beautiful Fall – we’ve sort of skipped right through ours actually and have landed smack dab in the middle of Winter, having been buried in snow these last few weeks! Typically we wouldn’t expect snow until November, but it’s not totally abnormal to see it this early either. I bet Fall in Greece is AMAZING!

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