How to Design the Perfect Farmhouse Style Porch

How to design the perfect farmhouse style porch! An inspirational design guide for a charming farmhouse style porch.

How to design the perfect farmhouse style porch! Inspirational design guide for a charming farmhouse style porch.

I’ve been chatting about it for ages, and thinking about it even longer than that …


With it’s cracked, chippy boards (and not in a good way), sinking concrete steps & lifeless personality, our sad little front porch is in desperate need of a makeover.

I enjoyed many mornings rocking away in our rocking chairs, sipping coffee with my nose in a book – waiting for Carson to run out with his little plaid blanket and a stack of books to read in the rocking chair beside me.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.22.35 PM

Actually, I spent quite a few afternoons doing the same.

Evenings on the porch watching Carson ride up and down the sidewalk in front of our house practicing his mad bike riding skills with Daddy. Nights with a glass of wine and, you guessed it, another book.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.13.19 AM

We love our sweet little porch. Even if it is a little sad looking.

But, I’ll tell ya, from the first time I laid eyes on it, I knew this porch could be amazing! It could be a pretty space, that brings all sorts of charm and character to our home. It could be a place we spend all sorts of time together as a family, perhaps even a place where all three of us would have a place to sit.

Yes my friends, I’ve got some BIG plans for this sweet little space…

Porch - Before |

How to design a farmhouse style porch |

{choose your porch material}

Wood: treated pine, cedar, or even painted wood – all make for a very classically styled porch, but all come with a bit of work to maintain of course.

Faux Wood: vinyl or composite options can give you that classic look of wood without the maintenance, but this is definitely a pricier way to go.

Stamped Concrete: with all sorts of choices for shape, size and colour, stamped concrete can have the look of stone with the functionality (and height) of concrete. Plus, it’s relatively low maintenance. *This is the option we chose*

Stamped Concrete |

{choose your railing}

Wood: any sort of stained or painted wood would be your least expensive option, but the most work to maintain.

Metal: a slightly more modern look, though still offering classic styling options. Not really much maintenance to worry about.

*We debated about adding a railing to our porch, but because it’s just one step off the ground, we opted to just skip out on this part.*

{add a charming front door}

Obviously it would be lovely to completely replace our plain old front door with something bursting with farmhouse style (here are 15 gorgeous options).

Farmhouse Front Door

Unfortunately, ours was replaced just before we purchased this house and, though it’s not what I would have chosen, it doesn’t need to be replaced just yet (so says hubs anyway).

Instead, I plan to paint my door with this lovely warm gray colour and add a beautiful new handleset and touchscreen lock. Thanks for the inspiration Twelve on Main!

Front Door Inspiration

A screen door like this one from Seeking Lavender Lane would be so lovely too…

Farmhouse Style Screen Door

Though, it won’t fit within the framing of our current door (I wish this was reason enough to replace that darn door!).

{don’t forget the lighting}



Barn Light:






String Lights:


*We went with a few of these gorgeous barn lights from our favourite lighting shop.*

{add more character with some architectural details}

Adding elements like columns (great DIY tutorial here) and pretty wooden corbels are great ways to inject a ton of charm and character!

{and my favourite part, some furniture and accessories!}

What porch would be complete without a comfy place to curl up and a spot to set your coffee and book?

Cozy Furniture:

The obvious choice here would be a charming little porch swing

Porch Swing

Though, we actually opted for something a bit bigger, and much more cozy feeling…

Outdoor Sofa

Farmhouse Style Accessories:


{or, you could always do it yourself}


I cannot wait to see our farmhouse style porch come together!!!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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21 thoughts on “How to Design the Perfect Farmhouse Style Porch

  1. I really like where you’re going with this! Porch cuddle sessions once again! We are going to tackle our front deck next year- so I’m excited for the inspiration!

  2. Kristi! Love all your ideas! Will be anxious to see what choices you make! I just know that your “new” porch will be beautiful!

  3. Those darn frugal husbands. LOL I think your vision will be fine with the existing door but I get it. I love a colorful front door but so I was surprised by how much I liked that soft gray you are leaning toward. It really is perfect. I liked all the accent ideas as well and yes, they would be great for a farm porch but I think they could work for my coastal part of the world too. Thanks for the inspiration. Visiting via Creative Circle.
    Oh, and don’t you like The Nest? Interesting read. Made me feel better about my family. 😀

  4. I love your ideas Kristi, they all look so cute. We still need to work on our front and luckily our door really needs to be replaced. Hubby is going to build a beautiful craftsman door, eek.

    I am not sure what material your door is made of but you guys might be able to do some other updates to it depending on the material. For instance could you change the look of the side panels by either changing out the glass. Or you could go even go a little further and cut out the bottom half of the side panel and add full glass to both sides. That would brighten up the entry and it is not as price as a complete new door. Just an idea though…

    1. YES!!! We actually have plans to change out those side windows, though I totally hadn’t thought of making them larger – I LOVE that! And how exciting for you! Good on hubs for BUILDING a beautiful door! Can’t wait to see it!

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