Cozy up your Home with this DIY Reed Diffuser Perfect for Fall

Happy, happy Sunday and welcome to my very last {all things Fall} post! And what a journey it’s been!

With it’s crisp air, stunning colours and fab fashion, there’s no season I love more than Autumn! Yet, for reasons unknown, I’ve wasted years not decking my house out with all things Fall! How have I not done this sooner?!

After sharing two full weeks of Fall inspiration, I’m SO thrilled to say that my house is feeling as cozy as ever having been filled with all sorts of new Fall decor! Having started with not one single, solitary Fall decoration in our home, I’d have to say the transformation has been pretty huge! Check out how it’s all come together with on my front porch & entryway! And, I’m even more excited about our cozy Fall fireplace!!!


DIY Reed Diffuser for Fall :: making it in the mountains #fall #reeddiffuser
Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

For my very last {all things Fall} DIY, I wanted to show you how I’ve taken it all up a notch … this DIY Reed Diffuser is filling our home with the most perfect Fall scent!
DIY Reed Diffuser for Fall :: making it in the mountains #fall #reeddiffuser
So, here’s how you can make one of your own …

What you’ll need:
– pretty bottle
– bamboo skewers
– essential oils (I used Sandalwood, Lavender and Vanilla)
– rubbing alcohol or vodka

DIY Reed Diffuser for Fall :: making it in the mountains #fall #reeddiffuser
First and foremost, you’ll need to find yourself a great bottle to hold everything. Keep in mind that you’ll want it to have a small(ish) opening so that the liquid doesn’t evaporate really quickly on you. I happened to have some pretty little bottles left over from reed diffusers that I purchased for the Christmas season last year – I just knew there was some reason that I kept these lying around!

Now the fun part … for the base of your liquid, you could choose to use either oil or water. Because water is SO much less messy if it gets spilled (and let’s face it, with a toddler in the house that’s not just a possibility, it’s a probability!), I of course, chose to go with water – one cup to be exact. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so you’ll need to add something to help the essential oils bond with the water base. That’s where the alcohol comes in. I added 2 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol (95% alcohol) because, with two adventurous boys in my house (one old enough to know better and one following in his Daddy’s footsteps!), THAT’S the alcohol that we had in our house, but I’ve also read that you can use vodka in place of the rubbing alcohol. The very last step was to add my essential oils. To keep things warm and cozy feeling I opted to add 12 drops of Sandalwood, 8 drops of Lavender and 6 drops of Vanilla, which turned out to be the perfect Fall scent! You could totally play around with this creating all sorts of wonderful scents for your home!!!

Finally, I popped in my bamboo skewers (you can pick up a big pack of these from the dollar store). And there you have it, your very own reed diffuser with a custom Fall aroma!!!

DIY Reed Diffuser for Fall :: making it in the mountains #fall #reeddiffuser
I’ve been flipping the sticks every day or so just to keep that wonderful scent spilling out into the room and these reed diffusers have our house smelling so perfectly Fall! They’ve really added that special final touch to our Fall home!!!

Thank you SO, SO much for following along with this CRAZY journey to fill my home with {all things Fall}! I’ve had so much fun warming my house with so much fab Fall decor and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all come together!

Wishing you SUCH a wonderful day!

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56 thoughts on “Cozy up your Home with this DIY Reed Diffuser Perfect for Fall

  1. This is such a neat idea, Kristi!! Sometimes (especially in fall and winter) I go through candles like they’re going out of style! This is neat cause I can use my oils… I think I have everything on hand to make one! This was such a great series of awesome fall things…hope you have a wonderful week, friend!

    1. You always have the sweetest things to say Kendra! I’m thrilled that you love this and that you’ve enjoyed following along! Wishing you a fab week too my friend!!!

  2. Great idea Kristi! “Quality” natural diffusers are so expensive to buy. You just saved me $$$ because I just recently ordered an assortment of essential oils and thanks to this post, will give your recipe a try first (on my To Do List for tomorrow). Thanks!

  3. I’m totally making these! I’m a candle junkie but they always burn SO fast. This sounds so easy to make and I love the idea of picking your own bottle for them! All your fall inspiration was so much fun to follow along with! xo

    1. Thank you SO much Bre!!! I love to use reed diffusers just because they’re always working to make my house smell pretty! Plus, you could totally find some rad bottles to use!!! Thanks again friend!

  4. So pretty and I bet it smells amazing! I’ve bought essential oils but never knew what to do with them. You’ve definitely inspired me… 🙂 Your post really resonated with me, because I too never really decorated for fall before and I so love having my house decked out for the season now. No idea why I never did it either, since I’ve always loved fall!

    1. Thank you SO much Lory!!! I’m thrilled that you’re feeling inspired! I think blogging has a way of inspiring you even more than Pinterest ever could – I was always pinning away without ever really making much until I started blogging! I can’t wait to see everyone’s homes all decked out for Christmas!!!

  5. I have one all set up and ready to start, but wasn’t sure about the base to use… one thing I read was to use the oil, but I don’t have the right oil, SO this was perfect timing for me to see this. 🙂 Thank you

  6. Popping over from Merry Monday! Love reed difusers! They are my go to scent provider in the warmer months because I can’t bear to light a candle.

    1. That’s great Michelle!!! I’m SO happy to help! I’ve always got a few store bought reed diffusers around the house and I burn essential oils all the time – I cannot believe I haven’t thought of mixing the two sooner!!!

  7. This is so awesome! I’ve always wanted to make a reed diffuser as I love how they look. Another great use for essential oils! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’d been wondering if you can make new “filling” for these yourself, I’ve kept a few bottles from shop bought ones (too nice to throw away) I’ll enjoy having a go with this. thanks

  9. I love using essential oils to make my house smell great, but I have never tried this! Thank you for the great tutorial. I’ve already got a perfect bottle and some oils; just need to run to the dollar store for the reeds. Pinning, tweeting, and posting on my FB page.
    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board. I never realised I could make my own – thanks for the inspiration Kristi 🙂

  11. This is a more budget friendly alternative to candles! Love it! I just wish I could use these in my home without my cat spilling it everywhere! Maybe I can find a high enough shelf for this idea! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing at Talented Tuesday!

  12. Oh, I can almost smell the oils! This looks like an easy DIY and a really nice (and natural) alternative to store-bought air fresheners. Can’t wait to try it out! Stopping by from the Pretty Pintastic Party.

    1. Thank you Bev!!! I think it’s a fabulous way to reap the benefits from essential oils and play around with some custom scents too. Not to mention that it’s so much less expensive than the store bought version!

  13. I’m so glad you shared this post! I spend a small fortune on different air fresheners. I am going to go with the rubbing alcohol though and not use up my vodka! lol Thanks for sharing with Creative Spark Link Party.
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

    1. I’m SO happy you found it helpful Glenna!!! And yes, with the holidays coming, you’ll definitely want to save your vodka for something much more fun 😉

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