The Easiest Way to Paint a Window (without taping)!

Who knew painting a window could be so easy?!

Do you have an old window or door maybe that has been needing a coat of paint for a while, but you just can’t bring yourself to take on all of that taping? Boy, have I got news for you…

The Easiest Way to Paint a Window!

Who knew painting a window could be so easy?!

I must admit, painting is not my favorite thing to do. Which is probably true for most of you I’m sure.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the transformative powers of paint. In fact, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a room, or even a simple jar, I’m pretty much in awe each and every time I use it!


I really dislike how boring and monotonous painting can be. And, more than anything, I hate, hate, hate the tedious prep work that inevitably comes with painting.

I absolutely dread the careful edging and taping.

When I make up my mind to do something, I want it done yesterday.

At least when I’m slapping the paint onto something I can see progress happening, but with taping, all I can think about is all of the time I’m wasting for something I’m just going to rip off again anyway.

Which is why I cannot flippin’ believe it took me SO long to think of this simple little trick! For all of the windows I’ve painted (see them all here), just think of all of the time I could have saved with this one little tip…

Just don’t bother!

That’s right! Don’t waste your time taping off that window.

Did you know that paint scrapes off of glass with hardly any effort at all? I did, but somehow it’s taken me this long to clue in that I can use this to my advantage. I swear, a light bulb appeared right over my head with this one … with this $4 tool, I could skip the taping all together, paint away as if I had taped and then remove all of that extra, unwanted paint in a matter of seconds!

BRILLIANT, am I right?!

I finally tested out this theory with this Vintage Window Flower Box and it really did take me just seconds to scrape all of that extra paint off the glass. And honestly, it looked so much better than even my most careful taping jobs!

The Easiest Way to Paint a Window

The Easiest Way to Paint a Window

The Easiest Way to Paint a Window

The Easiest Way to Paint a Window

It literally just came off in long strips with one quick scrape! You can bet I’ll never, EVER waste my time taping another window again!

Who knew painting a window could be so easy?!

You can check out this brilliant (if I do say so myself!) trick in action with this Vintage Window Flower Box!

Vintage Window Flower Box

Have you discovered any of your own DIY tips or tricks? I’d LOVE to hear them!

Wishing you all SUCH a lovely day!

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28 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Paint a Window (without taping)!

  1. Soo good to know, Kristi! Wow! Like you, I love the power of paint but don’t enjoy painting! Hoping your still relaxing and having a blast! xo

    1. Thanks Kendra! I felt like such a genius when I thought of it 😉 We are having a fantastic vacation, thank you! Hope you’re enjoying your summer too!!! xo

  2. I read about this trick in your vintage window flower box post and I still think it’s such a great idea! I don’t paint windows that often admittedly but my one of my cousins (co-authors) just bought a new house that she’s renovating and this would probably save her tons of time!

  3. I’ve used this trick before and it’s so amazing how well it works! Screw the tape, just paint away and worry about the mess later. Pinning!

  4. How have I not thought of this?! I have taped, I have painted, I have also scraped paint off. Never thought of scraping after I paint. I too cannot stand the prep portion of a project. Or sanding, sanding is my sworn enemy. It takes so long and is really boring. I just want to get to the fun portion of a project. I love the end results with your window!

  5. I’ve always taped and this is such a time saver. I remember my BIL telling me to use vaseline and it would work too, but I’ve never tried that.

  6. My mom was the painter in our house when I was growing up. She always scraped the paint off the windows with a scraper but I had totally forgotten that! Thanks for reminding me, Kristi. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways! Pinned, tweeted and STUMBLED! LOL I am getting re-aquainted with StumbleUpon and I know a lot of DIYers will love this post! ♥

    1. Thank you SO, SO much Sinea!!! It really does save a ton of time! I wish I could have taught my mom this trick years ago, it would have saved her SO many hours!!! And I’m just getting back into SU too! Thanks again!

  7. I know a couple of professional decorators and they never tape, they just go for it and clean up any mess later. I’m definitely trying this little trick next time. Thanks

  8. It is an awesome idea. I have to say however if you are doing this on your home windows don’t forget to re-apply the bead of caulk that you will also scrape off. I re-painted honey oak windows white in my old house and scraped the paint off but didn’t realize I was also scraping of the caulk and ended up with really inefficient windows that got frost inside on cold days

    1. That’s a great tip Emily! Having only needed to paint interior doors or antique windows, this is definitely something I hadn’t thought of! Thanks for sharing!

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