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{Cozy Living}


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: {A Journey to Sparking Joy}


{All Things Crafty}


{DIY Projects}

Farmhouse Kitchen + Living Room



Farmhouse Style Family Room: One Room Challenge {Fall 2016}


Farmhouse Style Bathroom: One Room Challenge {Spring 2016}


Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom: One Room Challenge {Fall 2015}


{Master Bedroom Closet}


Carson’s Cabin-Themed Big Boy Bedroom: One Room Challenge {Spring 2015}


{Farmhouse Style Hallway}


{Home Office & Creative Space}


{Farmhouse Style Dining Space}


{Rustic Industrial Playroom}


Farmhouse Powder Room: One Room Challenge {Spring 2017}


Farmhouse Guest Bedroom: One Room Challenge {Fall 2017}


{Organizing My Life}


{Home Decor}


Window Replacement


Lovely Things for {Spring}


All Things {Summer}


All Things {Fall}




The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: {Christmas}


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4 thoughts on “Project Gallery

  1. I love all of your projects. Everything is, well, so very farmhouse. I just get so carried away with your blog and I loose track of time looking at everything. YOU GO GIRL!! 😀

  2. So I was trying to figure out what we are going to do with our outdoor kitchen and thinking about white washing, I came across this beautiful website and all of a sudden, hey I know this Kristi. Hi Kristi. I have always admired your work from the outside and you guys have done so much work. I would love to talk with you about what you think I should do. We have a square timbered pine/spruce cabin and I am torn as to what color I want. I am thinking dark base with white wash. The kitchen is new pine, but I want to try to get away from the yellowish pine that I am faced with . What do you think? The cabin is yellowish with white chinking. I am also adding rock to the bar and porch posts (grey sides with all different colors of tan, dark reds/pinks). I bought the rock to put inside my house and found it was too chunky. Lots going on LOL. I would share a pic, but see I can’t.

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