One Room Challenge {Week 5}: And We Haven’t Even Painted Yet!

So friends, here we are … week FIVE of this One Room Challenge.

I honestly can’t believe it!

Just one short week away from our big reveal (that’s right, ONE!) and it feels like we’re just barely getting started with things.

You see, we’ve only had 4 walls for about a week or so now (catch up with that story right here). And even those weren’t really, totally finished. We still had some wood planks to install (and by some, I mean three entire wall’s worth).

One Room Challenge Week Four |

And then of course there would need to be some painting, new trim, more painting, new lighting, a bit more painting, a barn door installation, a bit a lot of furniture building, some furniture refinishing thrown in for good measure, hunting down the perfect curtains, then hanging them and, of course, the decorating.

Yet, despite having to finish up what is essentially six week’s worth of work in a mere two, we’re more hopeful than ever that we’ll somehow be able to pull it all off in time.

So, where exactly are we with things?

Well, we’ve got most of the walls covered with wood…

One Room Challenge |

One Room Challenge |

A whole lot of furniture to unpack/ build (find everything we chose for the space here)…

One Room Challenge |

And, well, that’s about it.

Which means we’ve still got A LOT of work ahead of us!

– demo and rebuild wall
– paint chalkboard wall
– hang sliding door
– remove ceiling fan and move to centre
plank walls and ceiling (don’t need to worry about that ceiling now!)
– paint walls and ceiling
– install new light
– replace trim and paint
– hang art and decorate

So, how exactly are we going to get this all done (and photographed) in just one short week? Here’s what I’m hoping the last week of this One Room Challenge will look like for us:

Thursday – prime & paint wood walls, build furniture from The Brick
Friday – paint & install trim, paint ceiling, paint chalkboard wall
Saturday – install new lighting, finish chalkboard wall
Sunday – hang sliding door, hang curtains, hang art
Monday – move in furniture
Tuesday – photograph
Wednesday – edit photos and write post for late night reveal!

Wish me luck my friends! I’m sure going to need it!!!


We are SO incredibly lucky to be teaming up with some AHHHHHMAZING companies as we take on this crazy renovation! Sending out SUCH a big thank you to the following companies for sponsoring this makeover (and making it so easy to recommend them and their fabulous products!):

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Rugs USA | The Brick | | Tonic Living | William Rae Designs | HomeRight | So Vintage Chic

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Now, you’re going to want to pop over to the One Room Challenge page to check out all of the other incredible room makeovers that are just getting underway too!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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50 thoughts on “One Room Challenge {Week 5}: And We Haven’t Even Painted Yet!

  1. I love how it’s coming together. I can see that it is going to be beautiful. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Kristi,
    I have learned so much…from your one room home improvements. We have completed out kitchen. Maple cabinets, pale grey backsplash and new porcelain tile flooring. We also painted the walls a light grey.
    In our husband did one accent wall in that tongue and groove pine boards. We also got down in the den, ECULYPTUS flooring and I love it. Stan(husband) and We have been taking our time, on all our projects. It has been a daily project since last DECEMEBR.
    I just wanted to tell you to keep your blog going. You are in inspiration to others, who think they can not do it.!!

    1. Oh Brenda! What a lovely message to wake up to after a long night of working on the house! Thank you so, so much for your sweet words and sharing your story – it truly means the world to me! Your kitchen sounds amazing and I bet that eucalyptus flooring is absolutely gorgeous! Good for you two tackling all those projects around the house – it’s A LOT of work, but always worth it in the end! Thanks again Brenda!!! Wishing you the most wonderful day!

  3. Kristi, everything is really coming together and looking great! Love your walls! Looking forward to seeing all your renos finished! It will be so nice for you and your family to have this room to just relax in and enjoy each other’s company! This has been a huge job but just look how lovely it looks! Just hang in there for another week, Kristi! The worst of the renos are behind you!

    Blessing to you, my friend! Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you so, so much Mary-Ann! I always look forward to your sweet comments! Just finished up painting all that wood yesterday and hoping to tackle the chalkboard wall and trim today. It’ll be a big push, but we’ll get there!!! Wishing you a wonderful day too my friend!

  4. Kristi – this is just amazing! It’s coming together beautifully and can’t wait to see the big reveal. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed as well, but we got this, right? One more week! Phew!!

    1. Thanks so much Jen! I always feel like I should be sailing through the decorating right about now, but it never seems to work out that way. 😉 Wishing you luck friend!

  5. It’s going to look sooo great! I know you can do it. I’m so glad you got help mving the wall and fixing the ceiling. I’m rooting for you!

    1. Thank you so, so much Karen!!! We couldn’t be more grateful for the help and are sure looking forward to relaxing in this space when it’s finally done!

  6. You can do it! I loved your last One Room Challenge Reveal, I know you guys can pull this off! We are in the same boat, we have really pulling this off in two weeks instead of six and still have TONS left to finish. I feel your pain, but just keep thinking about the beautiful end result!!!

  7. Hello!

    You have made so much progress and the room is coming along nicely! I am looking forward to the big reveal!!!

    Thank you for linking up with our Home Matters Party!

    Have a lovely day,

    Randi 🙂


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