One Room Challenge {Week Four}: At Least We Have Walls & Pillows

Well hello friends! Welcome back to the chaos that is the One Room Challenge!

Two short weeks ago, I shared the design plans for our new family room space

Our plans for to create the coziest farmhouse family room...

And then I dropped off the face of the planet. Life got a little crazy, busy and totally overwhelming. Week three came and went and I couldn’t even find a spare 10 minutes to update y’all on our progress, or lack there of.

Truth is, you didn’t really miss much. Things still looked exactly as they had the week before.

One Room Challenge - Week Two

We were still missing a wall and, aside from a bit of accessory shopping at The Brick and some happy mail from the folks at Tonic Living – there just wasn’t much to report.

With just three weeks left to finish this room and of course, stage and photograph it, I found myself wondering how we were ever going to pull this off in time. If you followed along with any of our other One Room Challenge makeovers, you’ll know that this is par for the course really. We always seem to spend five of the six weeks through this challenge questioning loosing our sanity and stressing out about how this will all come together in time.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We know the drill.

Thing is, we’ve had a few other obstacles thrown our way these last few weeks (because we’re still living life beyond this challenge). With far too much on our plates, the possibility that everything would come crashing down around us was looking pretty real. So, though I know we’re quite capable of figuring things out on our own, I decided to forgo the stress of teaching ourselves how to build a wall from scratch, the late nights of muddling through (of which there were sure to be many!), and of course any lessons we’d be forced to learn the hard way…

Especially under such a tight timeline.

Instead, I called up my Uncle (a brilliant and talented man that knows how to do most everything under the sun!) and begged for his help. Because this man truly has the biggest heart of anyone I know, he dropped everything and was here to dig us out of this mess in a jiffy. Within minutes of pulling up to our house, he had a plan in place to get this room put back together and I truly felt just the biggest sigh of relief.

Three days later we had ourselves a brand new wall (with all of the electrical and duct work rerouted)…

One Room Challenge Week Four |

One Room Challenge Week Four |

One Room Challenge Week Four |

One Room Challenge Week Four |

And a beautifully smooth ceiling with a light right in the centre (where it should be!)…

One Room Challenge Week Four |

But the best part, he walked us through every step of the process teaching us how to do each and every part of it ourselves! Skills we will definitely be putting to work again soon!

We are so, so grateful for his help (HUGE thanks to my sweet cousin as well)! Not only did he get us back on track with this Challenge, but he truly saved our sanity!

So, at week four we officially have four walls once again. Unfortunately, that’s about all we have, which leaves us with a ton left to do.

– demo and rebuild wall
– paint chalkboard wall
– hang sliding door
– remove ceiling fan and move to centre
– plank walls and ceiling (don’t need to worry about that ceiling now!)
– paint walls and ceiling
– install new light
– replace trim and paint
– hang art and decorate

With just two short weeks left, we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us!!!


We are SO incredibly lucky to be teaming up with some AHHHHHMAZING companies as we take on this crazy renovation! Sending out SUCH a big thank you to the following companies for sponsoring this makeover (and making it so easy to recommend them and their fabulous products!):

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Rugs USA | The Brick | | Tonic Living | William Rae Designs | HomeRight | So Vintage Chic

Be sure to follow along with us on Instagram for all sorts of updates and sneak peeks!

Now, you’re going to want to pop over to the One Room Challenge page to check out all of the other incredible room makeovers that are just getting underway too!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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56 thoughts on “One Room Challenge {Week Four}: At Least We Have Walls & Pillows

  1. I read your blog thru Feedly on my iPad and thoroughly enjoy it, can you feel the but coming? But, the toolbar on the left side for Pinterest etc always lands right in the middle if the text making it awkward to read not to mention really annoying. The ads I can live with because it’s the way you earn your living but the bar truly puts me off. I’m guessing I’m not the only one. Is there anyway you can reposition it somewhere less intrusive? Looking forward to the reveal.

    1. I agree with you! That side bar is so annoying it takes my interest in the getaway!
      Maybe it could be moved to the bottom of of he story?

    2. Oh no! I’m so, so sorry to hear that, but thanks for bringing it to my attention! I’ll see what I can do about shrinking it down a bit or putting it somewhere else if possible, at least on mobile devices. Thanks again!!!

  2. So glad your uncle was able to help!! Such a huge relief to have that wall up I’m sure! You guys always find a way to get everything done and this time will be no different. You got this!

  3. I call that progress, Kristi! And SO glad for your uncle’s help…. truly a lifesaver! Sending you one huge hug if encouragement to try and wrap this up!

  4. I love that your uncle not only came right away to help, but that he taught you along the way. Now you not only have a nice wall but also the knowledge to do it on your own next time. You definitely are blessed with a wonderful family unit. I can not wait to see the reveal.

    1. Thank you Amanda! That truly is the best part! We’ve got a whole house full of popcorn ceilings and now we know how to ged rid of them all!!! Thanks so much!

  5. I’m so glad you were able to get help with your wall. You’re in the home stretch and I can hardly wait for the revel. I also read on an iPad and have noticed the buttons on the side, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying your blog. I just work around them.

  6. What a sweet uncle! So glad you guys were able to call in for back up! Can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

  7. Kristi, it’s really looking good! Soon the renos will all be done and you will be doing the final dΓ©cor touches with your furniture, etc. — the really “fun” part! It’s just going to be lovely and you will just be able to sit and relax and enjoy your new room! This has been a “big” project and you are doing a great job! Have a great day! Blessings!

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