Back to Basics: How to Style a Coffee Table in Two Simple Steps

Learn how to style a coffee table with these simple tips…

How to Style a Coffee Table |

Welcome back to our brand new {Back to Basics} series!

Back to Basics

On the second Monday of each month, we’ve been joining forces with an incredible group of bloggers – going back to the basics to bring you all sorts of lovely ideas and inspiration!

Today, we’re sharing all of our coffee table styling secrets!

How to Style a Coffee Table |

No living room would be complete without a coffee table.

How to Style a Coffee Table |

The perfect place to put your feet up after a long day, chow down a late night snack or set your tea and book.

How to Style a Coffee Table |

Ours does double duty with a ton of extra storage for all those things we don’t necessarily want on display (a girl’s gotta keep that heating pad somewhere!).

How to Style a Coffee Table |

Of all the things a coffee table can do for a living room and the life that happens within it, one of my favourite ways to put our coffee table to work is to style it with all of my favourite decor!


Styling our coffee table is always a favourite way to bring some life to our living room.

No matter the season, the process is always the same…

How to style a coffee table

step one: I almost always start with a tray. Not only does it keep everything together and add a bit of dimension behind all of the pretty decor, most importantly, it makes it easy to lift it all out of the way whenever we need more space.

How to Style a Coffee Table |

There are a ton of serving trays out there (I’ve rounded up a few of my faves below), but you’ll want to choose a size and material that will stand out against your coffee table.


step two: Make a group of three (or 5 if you’re working with smaller items). I usually include some sort of plant, a candle or two and obviously my favourite decor pieces.


I try to choose things of varying heights, but nothing so high that it blocks the view across the table top.


And that’s it my friends – a perfectly styled coffee table in just two simple steps!

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  1. Great job on this post, Kristi, your coffee table is totally fabulous! I love how you showed all the different looks too. It really helps to bring it home that no matter what your style you can have a pretty and functional coffee table. Love it all lady! Hugs, CoCo PS: Can we just talk about your side bar picture a sec? It’s gorgeous!

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