Monthly DIY Challenge: How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less

Loving the look of cement tiles, but not so excited about the high price tag? Well my friends, you’re going to LOVE this!!!

Loving the look of cement tiles, but not so excited about the high price tag? Well my friends, you're going to LOVE this!!!

Hello friends!

Welcome to another #MonthlyDIYChallenge! Y’all know how much fun I have teaming up with my talented bloggy friends the first Wednesday of each month to see the different ideas we can come up with from the very same starting point!


This month we teamed up with Royal Design Studio to have a bit of fun putting their gorgeous stencils to work in some really creative ways.

12 Ways to Use a Stencil in your Home

I’ve actually had the pleasure of working with Royal Design Studio once already, and having been totally over the moon with the results, I couldn’t wait to give it a go again! I get compliments all the time on this gorgeous feature wall in our farmhouse style bedroom


And I have to say, I was SO surprised at how simple stencilling a wall could be!

It took just a few hours to do this ginormous wall and, when I was through, I couldn’t believe how much I loved it!

Have you been dying to try painting a stencilled wall, but it just seems like SO much work? You won't believe how quick and easy it really is!!!

Really, I was so head-over-heels in love with it, I couldn’t wait to try it again! Stencilling is such a simple and inexpensive way to inject a ton of interest to a space.

Now, you can read all about how quick and easy painting a stencilled wall can be here, so I won’t bore you with another in-debth tutorial today.

But … I am dying to show y’all what I came up with for this month’s challenge!

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |


I’ve been swooning over this cement tile look for ages now and so, when I came across this brilliant stencil pack from Royal Design Studio, I just couldn’t resist giving it a go!

I started by giving my wall a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White, creating a perfect blank canvas for my stencil patterns. Then, I gathered up a few of my other fave paint colours (Revere Pewter, Gray Owl & Edgecomb Gray – all from Benjamin Moore) and got straight to work.

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

Just like last time, I started in the centre of my wall, making sure my stencil was perfectly level before taping it to the wall. Then, I simply rolled on one of my paint colours to create my pretty tiles. I worked my way out from there, alternating sides to give each stencilled tile time to dry before painting another one directly beside it.

I tried really hard to make a “random” pattern, though it was definitely a more “calculated random” as I played around with colour & pattern, making sure I didn’t end up with too much of any one thing in one little area.

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

I also added a few plain squares into the mix, covering them with a solid colour. Then, once dry, I went back and painted over it with a stencil using my Cloud White colour, giving these tiles a great contrast to the others and adding a whole new dimension to my wall.

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

Working with these smaller tiles definitely made for more tedious and time consuming work. This entire wall took me more than 5 long hours to complete, but in the end, I’d have to say it was all totally worth it …
How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

This really was SUCH a simple and inexpensive way to get that swoon worthy cement tile look! I couldn’t possibly be more in love with the way it turned out!!!

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

This gorgeous wall really is such a perfect backdrop for my new creative space (I can’t wait to share more about that!).

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less |

HUGE thanks to Royal Design Studio for sponsoring this month’s challenge! Their amazing stencils offer up endless ways to bring some beautiful colour & pattern to any space!

Just in case you missed it, here’s the Spanish Tile stencil pack I used to create this gorgeous wall…

GORGEOUS Spanish Tile Stencils |

And you can catch a more in-depth tutorial on the easiest ever stencilling method here

Have you been dying to try painting a stencilled wall, but it just seems like SO much work? Then, my friend, you won't want to miss this!


Now be sure to check out what my talented bloggy friends came up with for this month’s challenge too!


Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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60 thoughts on “Monthly DIY Challenge: How to Get the Cement Tile Look for Less

  1. It sure does look “real”. What a neat idea. The colors were perfect too. Keep up the inspiration.?! I, for one, will be watching!

  2. I cannot believe these were individual square tile stencils you did a whole wall with!! I really thought it was a big stencil that had different tile patterns on it. Amazing work Kristi!! You’re a stenciling champ!

  3. Wow, Kristi, you really have this cement tile stencil thing down to a fine art. Both walls look amazing. You are making me consider stenciling one of the walls in our boho guest room. It would look pretty awesome. Hmmm. Cheers and thank you for all of the cool stencil project sharing, Ardith

    1. Thanks Bre! I questioned a zillion times what I was thinking, and then I saw the finished product turned out to be even better than I’d imagined and knew it was all worth it! 😉

  4. I love how you used different colors throughout! It really makes the design pop. I’m seriously impressed with your ability to stencil a gigantic wall flawlessly. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so, so much Katie! It really is such a simple and inexpensive way to create a big impact in any space! Can’t wait to share more of this new office space soon!!! xo

  5. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: You are the queen of stencils! It blows my mind how you can get it all to look so perfect. Love this pattern for your wall – it really does look like cement tile!

  6. This is so freaking cool! I love your painting projects, but this one might be my favourite. I love the designs, they make it look like something you could find in Morocco almost. Very cool! Thanks for sharing with the Wednesday Showcase!

  7. Wow, this looks fantastic. Ditto to everything everyone else has said. It really does look like cement tiles. Seems like 5 hours well spent to me 🙂

  8. Wow this is super great! I love stencils, I just stenciled my picnic table and posted it myself. It’s pretty neat seeing the starting point for all these great blogs and see how different it all turned out! Kudos!

    1. Thank you so much Nila!!! Stencils are SUCH a great way to add some colour and pattern to any space in an easy and inexpensive way! Will have to pop over to check out your table! Thanks again!

  9. This is amazing!! I love this look… and I am always in love with all the gray colors that you use. It turned out absolutely marvelous!!
    Thank you so much for sharing at the Monday Mish Mash Link Party.

  10. Kristi..that is absolutely amazing. I was in love with your first stencil wall and now I’m like a fish with a hook in its mouth being reeled in. You are so right…it couldn’t be more perfect! Well done!

    1. Awwwww, well thank you Lynn! Stencilling is such an inexpensive way to add some colour and pattern, and I’m always surprised at how simple it is to do!

  11. What a great way to get the look for less! I love cement tile, but hesitate to spend so much money and time on something that I’m not sure I’ll love long term, and this is the perfect solution!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I’m absolutely thrilled with how this turned out! I can think of SO many ways to put this gorgeous stencil to work. Thanks again!

  12. Kristi, your wall is fantastic! I don’t normally leave comments, but this so inspired me I ordered the stencil and subscribed to your blog! I’m thinking some kitchen and bathroom stenciling rather than the “real” tiles. I’m also thinking about stenciling a variety of small canvases to hang in my work cubicle. Thanks!

    1. Oh Karen, I’m SO happy to hear you’re feeling inspired!!! There are so many fun things you can do with them, the possibilities are truly endless! Happy painting!

    1. Thank you SO much Cristina! I was super nervous to try them too, but it was SO much easier than I’d imagined (check out my how-to post linked within this one). It’s such a great way to easily add some fun colour and pattern without the expense or commitment of wallpaper.

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