Your Guide to the Very Best Planners for 2016

Are you looking to live a more organized life this year? Don’t miss this guide to 12 of the very best planners for 2016 to help you manage the chaos with a clear head and a happy heart!

Are you looking to live a more organized life this year? Don't miss this guide to 12 of the very best planners for 2016 to help you manage the chaos with a clear head and a happy heart!

Commitments, trips, appointments, to-do lists, finances, meal planning – there’s just SO much to keep track of these days!

I swear, without my family calendar and planner, I’d be totally lost.

I say it all the time, “unless it’s written down, I won’t remember it.” And it’s absolutely true.

My head is spinning with everything I have to do at any given moment.


I’ve learned how to manage the chaos with a clear head and a happy heart.

My secret?

Just write it down and then let it go.

It’s so simple really. But it truly makes such a difference!

Writing it all down means that I only need to hold on to it for a few short moments, before letting it fall right back out of my head again. I can enjoy a life of knowing exactly what I need to do and when I need to do it with a quick glance at my calendar. That means I no longer have to somehow keep track of it all in the back of my mind.

I can’t tell you how freeing it’s been since I’ve started making good use of my planner!

Each moment is no longer clouded by lists & commitments running through my head.

Now, some people like to use their phones or computers to keep track of it all. Not me.

Sometimes you just need to put pen to paper.

See your day, week and year all laid out in front of you.

So, for those of you looking to live a simpler, more organized life this year, here are 12 of the very best planners for 2016!

{For your Home}

The Home Base Binder

The Home Base Binder

From meal planning to a family bucket list, this handy binder really is “the perfect place to manage home, family and everything in between.”


The My Everything Planner

This brilliant planner is so customizable, it can help you keep track for your entire family!

Home Binder

The Home Binder

Not only does this Home Binder have organization tools to keep track of every area of your life, but because it’s a printable, you have the option to take what you need and leave what you don’t.

Sweet Life Planner

The Sweet Life Planner

Literally every area of your life is included within this brilliant planner! Very customizable, with a few extras available too, this Sweet Life Planner really has everything you could possible need to keep track of it all!

Home Organization Printables

Home Organization Printables

These floral home organization printables are the whole package! What a pretty way to keep track of everything around home! AAAAAAAND … best of all, they’re absolutely FREE!

{For the rest of your Life}

The Simplified Planner

The Simplified Planner

Just as it’s name would suggest, this pretty planner has it all figured out – everything you need to plan your days, weeks and months, without all of those extras that can sometimes overwhelm the process.

The Day Designer

The Day Designer

Because who doesn’t want to take control of designing their days? This beautiful planner is the perfect way to schedule out each hour of your day, making sure that you can get it all done and don’t miss a thing while doing it!

2016 Planner

Lilly Pulitzer Planner

Drop dead gorgeous AND super functional to boot, this planner really does have it all!

2016 Planner

Rifle Paper & Co. Planner

I fall hard for pretty much everything Rifle Paper & Co, and of course, this lovely planner is no different! The beautiful print totally has me swooning and the classic layout inside has everything a girl could need!

Life Planner

The Erin Condren Life Planner

I have so many friends that swear by this planner and I can definitely see why (check out the video here. Far more than a calendar, this incredible planner will help you to organize every part of your life!

Plum Paper Planner

Planner from Plum Paper

And what might just be my fave (& coincidentally the one I come back to each year), the Regular Planner from Plum Paper. With a zillion cover options, 4 different layouts and a ton of add-ons to choose from, this planner is far from “regular”. It’s so customizable, you really can make into exactly what you need it to be!

Printable Planner

Printable Day Planner

Fresh Crush has thought of everything with her new printable day planner! With pages for each day, month and even goal setting, this lovely planner is sure to have every area of your life organized!

And just in case you’re still looking for the perfect 2016 calendar, check out a few of my faves here.

12 FREE Calendars to help you get organized for 2016!

Armed with your new lifeline planner, I hope you’re feeling as ready to take on this year as I am!

Welcome to 2016 my friends! Here’s to a great year to come!

Are you looking to live a more organized life this year? See how I've learned to manage the chaos with a clear head and a happy heart.

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!
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20 thoughts on “Your Guide to the Very Best Planners for 2016

  1. These are all super cute! I agree…life can just get so crazy sometimes, it’s hard to remember every single thing that needs to be done. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful planners in one place! I accomplish so much more when I write everything down. Have a great day!

  3. Last year I tried the Erin Condren Life Planner and I loved it, my problem is trying to limit my planners. They all just look so wonderful. This year I’m using the Heidi Swapp Personal Memory Planner as well as the Living Well Spending Less Planner for my home. Great round up! I’m visiting today from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

    1. Thanks so much Bonnie! I know just what you mean – I wish I could have them all (though wouldn’t that be a disaster to keep track of)! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Kristi,
    This is a great round-up of some really beautiful planners! Who wouldn’t want to get organized when using one of these. I really like the style of the Home Organization Printables and The Day Designer. Rifle Paper & Co is just my style with my love of French Country. Dwell In Possibility printable day planner by Fresh Crush has a beautiful style and amazing use of colors on the cover.

    Thank you for sharing on Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Olivia- Co-Host
    Reinvented Collection

  5. Each of these are so beautiful! I use Corey’s blog planner (2nd year now!) and I love it so much, I’m not the most organized person, wish I was, but having a planner helps – it keeps me sane for sure!

    1. Having a planner has been an absolute life saver for me! And I’ve heard from so many friends that Corey’s planner is fantastic!!! Thanks so much Chelsea!

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