We’re Selling our House!

I still can’t really believe it, but it’s official … we’re selling our house!

Honestly, I’ve sat down to write this post a hundred times at least, but I just couldn’t seem to find the words. Maybe because it’s all sort of come from nowhere really.

Okay, that’s not exactly true I guess – when you’ve been hunting for the perfect house for nearly five years, I suppose you’re bound to come across it eventually.

But then again, when you’ve been hunting for the perfect house for nearly five years, you sort of end up looking so hard, for so long that you almost can’t believe it when that perfect house finally finds you.

But it did. And I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

Of course all along the way, as we continued to keep an eye out for that perfect home, we’ve been hard at work turning this old house from the 70’s into a beautiful and functional home for our family that’s truly become very hard to leave.

I know, it seems crazy to just walk away from all of the hard work we’ve put into our current home. We truly do adore this house, we absolutely LOVE our neighbourhood (and all of the wonderful people in it!) and we really will be so sad to say goodbye.

There are still so many things that need to fall into place, so please, cross your fingers (and toes!) and send all the house selling vibes you can muster our way! We’ll take all the help we can get! #wishusluck

Follow along with our journey on Instagram – I promise to do my very best to keep y’all updated along the way.

Wishing you such a lovely day!

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12 thoughts on “We’re Selling our House!

  1. Well, my friend, that is crazy exciting!! Bittersweet is the perfect word as you’ve turned this into such a beautiful place with all the makeovers but we enjoy the real estate market and totally understand! Can’t wait to see your new home! xo

  2. Know you are bittersweet but has to be exciting, know your new place will be just as lovely as this one…best of luck

  3. Your home is lovely, it will sell quickly, that’s for sure. Will enjoy seeing your new home with all your special touches!

  4. That’s so exciting Kristi!!! Congrats, fingers crossed and cannot wait to see your new home and what you do with it❤️

  5. I wish I lived in Canada because I’d love to have your home. I can’t wait to see what you do with the new one. Best wishes💕

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