Our New Home: A House Tour

Alright my friends, this one has been a looooooong time coming …

I’m absolutely thrilled to FINALLY be sharing a house tour of our new (to us) home!

Our New Home: A House Tour | making it in the mountains

I have to say, this isn’t exactly the house I thought we’d end up with when we started looking for a new home in our hometown in northern Alberta.

You see, hubs and I have spent our whole lives living in nothing but new houses and I hadn’t really expected to end up with anything different. But, life had other plans for us as it often does. I suppose I should have known things wouldn’t be so straight forward as the housing market in our little town has always been sort of unique. Figures, there just so happened to be a major shortage of inventory as we started shopping, which not only meant that there wasn’t much to choose from, but also meant that things seemed to be selling the minute they hit the market. Giving ourselves a very wide price range, we had just five houses in the entire town to look at that didn’t already have pending offers. Five. Can you believe it?! What was even more disappointing … we didn’t like a single one of them. The newer houses all had small yards, dark kitchens and a ton of things I’d always wish I could change, but would never be able to justify replacing. The older ones had bigger yards, but were far too small for a growing family or frankly just needed too much work. Turns out we’d been quite spoiled with our brand new, beautiful home in the mountains with that lovely yard surrounded by forest and I was pretty sure we were going to miss the heck out of it.

After a bit lot of thinking and talking about our limited options, Brady eventually made me see that a house we don’t exactly love is something we could deal with, but we were both sure that we could never make ourselves settle for one of these yards that looks into 20 others from our back deck? Time to think outside of the box (and maybe a little outside of our comfort zone).

Enter my AMAZING mother-in-law who, thank goodness, just happened to know of some neighbors that were thinking about moving. With our priorities straight (and very open mind), we agreed to look at the house next door. Yep, right next door. To my mother-in-law. At an older home. Huh.

And of course, by “we”, I mean he agreed to look at, fall in love with it and then convince me to buy it sight unseen, which was a feat in and of itself for sure! That’s right, to top it all off, we were so short on time that I couldn’t even make the trip out to look at it with him before we put in an offer and committed to by this 40+ year old house next to my mother-in-law.

Luckily, I loved it just as much Brady did!

Thing is, it was actually pretty perfect for us. With a massive kitchen, two living rooms with a fireplace each (one gas, one wood), and five big bedrooms upstairs, there was a ton of room for everyone. The unfinished basement gives us an extra 1000 or so square feet of storage space for all of our skiing and biking gear with the option to finish it down the road for even more living space. Not to mention that Carson can now wander over to his Grandma’s house any time he’d like!

It’s more than 40 years old and every single room in the house needs work, but the former owners took such great care of everything that most of it is purely cosmetic. In fact, all of the boring updates like replacing the furnaces, painting the cedar siding and fencing, new soffiting, and even replacing all of the doors inside and out have already been taken care of. So, y’all know what that means – we get to spend our money on everything fun like new cabinets, light fixtures and flooring! Well, all except for the windows, which are double pane vinyl and still doing their job, but look more than a little worse for wear.

It’s got an almost perfect layout, a ton of space, a giant yard and oh so much potential! I’ve always thought I wanted new, but turns out this older home might be just the thing for our newly handy DIY family!!!

I cannot wait to share our plans with y’all soon, but for now here are few photos to give you an idea of what we’re starting with:


New Home Tour|  making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

24 New Home Tour  making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour  making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains


New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

Buying an older home has definitely been a big step out of our comfort zone (can you tell?), but we are SO, SO excited about the AMAZING possibilities we see in this beautiful old house!

Plus, Carson’s already feeling very much at home!

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains
Exciting right?! Stay tuned for all of our plans including where we’ve chosen to start work!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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68 thoughts on “Our New Home: A House Tour

  1. It’s gorgeous, Kristi! There’s so much potential to make it your own too. And I have to say, I definitely wouldn’t hate living next door to my in-laws! My parents actually live in the same neighborhood as us (about 10 minutes walking distance) and I wish they were even closer. My kids have such a close relationship with them and I love that we get to see them all the time. Can’t wait to see all the fun projects you’ll have coming up :).

    1. Awww, thank you Amy!!! All we see is potential everywhere we look, which seems to be a blessing and curse because now we just want to see it ALL done! This might be a lesson in patience more than anything!!! And I’m really loving living next to my mother-in-law! After seeing our families only a few times a year, it’s SO great to see them almost everyday! Brady’s brother lives just down the street too and my Mom is less than 10 minutes away, so we see a ton of everyone! I know just what you mean about that close relationship with family – I’m so excited to watch Carson grow up so close to his Grandparents and cousins! Thanks again girl!

    1. Thanks Jenna!!! Yes, we have a ton of projects just sitting around waiting for a home still. It’s so hard to settle in knowing that everything will change! Cannot wait to get going on things!!!

  2. Nothing like a new beginning in an old home town. YAY for you and all the choices you have made. Anxious to see the journey continue………

  3. How exciting Kristi!!! It’s all just the perfect situation, location, size, layout, and a total blank canvas for all kinds of projects! And a craft room! Super, super jelly! So many exclamation points here!

  4. Those are some fantastic building blocks of a house you’ve got there! And so lucky to both be so close to family and to not have to do anything right away to get it working for you (as a lot of older houses require now)! Cannot wait to see what you end up doing with it – though it is quite nice already!! 😀

    1. Thank you SO much Havok! We are VERY lucky to not have to do a bunch of work to it right away – it was certainly very move-in ready as they say, though we cannot wait to start making some changes soon!

  5. Your house is gorgeous! I love your floors. I’m currently saving up for a house & I can’t wait! I found one but I won’t be looking to buy until the end of the year. I’m pretty sure it’ll be gone by then. Happy Tuesday!

  6. House hunting is so stressful! I’m so glad you found something you can love.

    The exterior color is so beautiful!! I can’t wait to someday update the paint on our old brown house. It’s seen better days.

    1. Thank you Liv! It was SO stressful!!! I still can’t believe this one really just fell into our laps! You totally should paint it!!! It makes SUCH a huge difference!

  7. What a beautiful home for this new part of your journey! Those big windows are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see your ideas and plans! And as a Mom and Grandmom who’s son and daughter-in-love and one little live right down the road, I think the house next door is oh so perfect for lots of wonderful memories.

    1. Awww, thank you Peggy! We’re really SO happy to be living so close to our family – it couldn’t be more perfect! We cannot wait to get started on the transformation!!!

  8. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe you didn’t even SEE the house before you put in an offer! I love my hubby, but we definitely have different tastes haha. I’m so glad it worked out for you though, it seems like the absolute perfect house for you guys! And so nice that you’re close to family 🙂 Can’t wait to follow along with your transformations! xo

    1. Awww, thanks so much Kendra! The layout is great and it’s in such great shape that nothing needs to happen too quickly, which is nice. Though I’m obviously dying to change everything right this second 😉 xo

  9. Your new home is so lovely, Kristi, and I know that you guys will continue to transform it over time! I cannot wait to see all of your ideas and projects come to life! I am super jealous of your five bedrooms and fenced in backyard!! 🙂 xo

    1. Awwww, thanks Bre! 5 bedrooms definitely gives us a ton of room to grow and that backyard was SUCH a huge selling feature for us! We’ve got a ton of ideas and plans and cannot wait to get started on things! xo

    1. Thanks Amy! We’re thrilled that there is so much room to grow into this place and cannot wait to start transforming things and making it our own!!!

  10. Congratulations! I love the story behind the house and the space sounds perfect for your family. We also live very close to our family (in-laws are about 7 houses down on the same street and my parents are about a mile away) and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m looking forward to seeing how you make this beautiful home reflect your style.

    1. Thanks so much Katie! How nice that you’ve got your family so close too! We’re feeling very lucky to have everyone in our lives (Carson’s especially) on a regular basis again!!! We’re just dying to get to work on things and we’re having a ton of fun dreaming up all sorts of plans! Thanks again Katie and have a fab week!

  11. It is big and beautiful and so much light comes into the space. I love the front porch, front door and the siding! It is gorgeous. And you have built in babysitters next door! LOL

  12. What a fun and exciting time in your family’s life. Enjoy making it yours! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board

  13. It’s beautiful! I love how large and spacious the kitchen and the backyard is! Also – you have some truly beautiful furniture pieces. I’m sure you will transform these spaces – over time – into your dream space. Like you said, you can change the house, but you can’t change the lot. Congratulations!

    1. Awwww, thank you SO much Tara!!! We feel very lucky to have found such a great house and we’re super excited to turn it into everything we know it can be! Have a wonderful week!!!

  14. Popping over from Worthwhile Wednesday =) What a beautiful new home for you! did you say it was 40 years? that’s practically new in my next of the woods! I think my house was built in the 50’s. Be sure to share your recipes, crafts, upcycles & DIYs at Two Uses Tuesday (Mon 8pm EST to Fri 11pm EST) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!

    1. Awww, thanks Sarah! It’s definitely “new” compared to some, but older than we’re used to I guess. Can’t wait to get to work on it!!! Have a great week!

  15. I had so much fun touring your new home!! What a great house and you have so many cool pieces. I can’ t wait to see how it progresses! Thanks for linking up to The Creative Circle.

  16. Eeee, I LOVE it! So many congratulations on your new home! I love how much of a clean slate it is – the possibilities are literally endless 🙂 I know you’ll do great things with it!

  17. Finally got a chance to check out your new home tour! Love it, Kristi! And I’m so jealous that you have five bedrooms!!! 🙂 So excited for you on your new adventure! Can’t wait to see what you do with everything!

    1. Awww, thanks SO much Nicole! We feel very lucky to have found a great home we can grow into! Can’t wait to get started making it our own!

  18. Your new home is gorgeous! It’s so nice that you get the big yard and the fun of personalising the visible side of the house instead of sinking money into invisible important things. We just bought a house too (14 years old), and I can’t wait to get my hands on it to make it ours. (I’m in Alberta too!)

    1. How exciting that you’ll get to walk the same journey too! You’re totally right, it’s so nice to not have spend money where it won’t be seen or noticed really. And it sure will be a ton of fun to make it our own!!! And always excited to “meet” a fellow Albertan! Thanks so much Jo!

  19. Your story is very similar to ours! We were looking in a specific neighborhood so our kids could walk to school and there were only 1 or 2 to choose from. A friend mentioned to me that her neighbor’s parents were thinking of moving so I went o see the house and was amazes at the care that went into maintaining the 1971 home. Our budget was pretty much capped at fixer upper but because we didn’t use a realtor we got a beautiful home for less than the other homes for sale. My husband must have thought I was crazy to say this is the house we are meant to buy when he hadn’t even seen it and I only walked through it once with the homeowners. We have almost an acre in town with fruit trees, raspberries, grapes, strawberries and tennis court sized gardens and we are only two blocks from school!

    I love the white wood work and hardwood floors in your home” and that fenced yard? so jealous!

    1. WOW! That’s a great story! I really think that when it’s that easy, when those opportunities seemingly fall into your lap, it just has to be ‘meant to be’! Your home and land sound absolutely perfect!!! Thank you so much for stopping by – it’s always fun to hear such wonderful (and similar) stories!!!

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