Weekend Reading


What a week my friends.

How to Make the Coziest Bed

Honestly, it was one of those weeks that was just SO filled to the brim with things to get done that I have no idea how I’m still standing at the end of it.

We’ve really worked at being more intentional with how we spend our time and the commitments we choose to take on, both individually and as a family. But, sometimes life just seems to get away from us and, no matter how hard we try to take control of it all, eventually we’ve just got to admit defeat, ride the wave and find a way to enjoy the journey.

And we really did. Though it’s been one of the busiest weeks EVER, it’s also been a great reminder of just how lucky we are to live such full lives.

Morning Coffee

Though I have to say, I’m sure looking forward to making up for all that go-go-go with some extra r & r next week!



This light + bright living room space has me dreaming of Spring…

Spring Living Room

I can’t think of a more perfect way to welcome the weekend than with these decadent deserts and a glass of wine.

This beautiful lake house tour might just be one of my favourites ever!

There’s something so simple and cozy about hanging pretty plates on the wall, isn’t there?

These tips to make your home feel cozy, even when you’re a minimalist really resonated with me.

Spring flowers

How amazing does this pizza look?!

I haven’t been able to get this gorgeous kitchen out of my head since first laying eyes on it.


I could go on and on, but I should probably close up the computer and make the most of this one day I’ve got to catch up with all the things before we spend the weekend celebrating Carson’s final hockey tournament of the season.

Wishing you a lovely weekend friends!

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