Cozy Living: Inviting the Warmth of Spring into your Home with Fresh Flowers

Welcome back to another installment of our cozy living series my friends … you didn’t think we’d abandon our quest to get cozy just because the temperatures outside are on the rise, did you?

Cozy living isn’t just for those cold, Winter months – it’s about creating a warm, inviting, homey space all year round.

Finding the simple pleasures in life, no matter the season.

Of course, here in Alberta, we’re smack dab in the middle of yet another snow storm, but that won’t stop me from pretending Spring is on it’s way.

Spring Flowers

And really, nothing brings that light airiness of Spring like fresh flowers.

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation - New Appliances

Whether it’s a few sprigs tucked into a simple mason jar

There's no simpler way to welcome Spring than with some lovely flowers in mason jars! This simple Spring centerpiece is the perfect addition to any table!

Or, a big bunch gathered into a pitcher or vase…

A lovely Farmhouse Bedroom full of all sorts of dreamy details!

There’s just something so cozy + lovely about welcoming in the warmth of Spring with some bright + sunny flowers.

Learn how to style a fireplace with these simple tips!

If you’ve been following along with our adventures, you’ll know that we’ve been working our way through the biggest, messiest, most chaotic renovation in the history of ever for months now and I’ll tell ya friends, it hasn’t been as easy as it sounds (I realize that’s saying a lot). Being stuck in the middle of all that chaos through nothing but the freezing cold temperatures of Winter has left us feeling a bit trapped in it all. As you can imagine, it’s hard to feel cozy when you’re surrounded by nothing but total chaos.

But friends, as the finish line draws nearer, as I create and cook and nourish my family in our new kitchen, and see our family and friends gather in this bright and beautiful new space that we’ve created…

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation - New Appliances

It really just melts my heart.

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation - New Appliances

Spring Flowers

Add in a simple bunch of flowers and, well, I’m not sure our home has ever felt cozier.

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation - New Appliances

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Wishing you SUCH a lovely weekend my friends!

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16 thoughts on “Cozy Living: Inviting the Warmth of Spring into your Home with Fresh Flowers

  1. Kristi, fresh flowers always add so much loveliness to a home — anytime! I am enjoying tulips on our kitchen island at the moment and tonight we are supposed to get a two-day blizzard!

    Glad to hear that you are nearing the end with your reno. Just think how nice this will be when you are finished. You have accomplished so much in such a short time! You and your hubby are truly amazing!


    1. Your sweet comments always make my day, thank you for the encouragement! We’ve just made it through our own three day blizzard and oh my gosh, we’ve got more snow now than we’ve had all Winter long – SO ready for Spring! Here’s hoping you don’t see as much of the white stuff. Thanks again and have a fabulous week Mary-Ann!

  2. I could not agree more about adding fresh flowers, your kitchen looks amazing but adding flowers are the perfect final touch. I also think it’s especially important here in Alberta where spring won’t arrive until May. Wishing you guys a happy Sunday!

  3. I totally agree, Kristi, flowers bring so much cozy and warmth to a home! I love how you add them throughout yours!! Hoping spring arrives in Alberta soon! xo

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