Weekend Reading

Sharing My Favourite Reads From The Week Just In Time For The Weekend.

Happy Friday friends! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week! Ours was wonderfully slow + relaxing, which was just what we needed after 12 days away. We made it back to Canada just in time for Spring break and I have to say it was SO lovely to have another week to wander our way through before jumping back into all the things. It was the perfect chance to catch up on the mountains of laundry we brought back from Mexico, do a bit of baking and spend some time catching up with our friends. And even better, we’ve had such amazing weather, I couldn’t help but tackle some of the yard work as well this week – I’m already dreaming of all things gardening and of course, relaxing Summer evenings on the porch.

All this lovely Spring weather made for such perfect timing to share this year’s Spring home tour this week…

And of course, it’s had us planning all sorts of outdoor projects to tackle in the months ahead (I can’t wait to share some of our ideas!).

But for now, while the house is still quiet and my coffee’s still warm, here’s what I’ll be catching up with…

Weekend Reading

I cannot wait to try this carrot cake smoothie!!!

These 10 DIY kitchen renos are absolutely jaw dropping!

The candle mistakes you’re probably making too.

How to find time to read.

5 podcasts that will help you grow to your fullest potential.

The correct order to apply your skincare.

Our grout could use some Spring cleaning.

Wishing you a lovely weekend my friends!

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  1. I never would have thought a carrot cake smoothie would look so good, I might actually give that a try. Also, I always enjoy a good skin care post and that one was really helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!

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