Weekend Reading

Hellllloooooo Friday!

I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to a weekend more (to be fair, I’m pretty sure I say that every week).

It’s not that we have anything special planned really, in fact, you could say just the opposite – we’ve got a wide open weekend, with nothing but possibility ahead of us. And boy do I plan to enjoy every last minute of it!

Instead of filling our days with all sorts of (albeit fun) plans, I’m looking forward to some time in the garden with Carson, curling up on the porch with my current read, and maybe even a bit of time to stop and smell the roses (did you catch the lovely farmhouse flower arrangement I put together with inexpensive grocery store flowers?).

Flowers in farmhouse sink

With a whole lot of relaxing ahead of us this weekend, here’s what I’ll be catching up with…



I cannot wait to pour through each and every lovely project in this beautiful book put together by my sweet friend Jamie at So Much Better with Age!


Nothing says Summer like strawberry rhubarb … I can’t think of a more lovely way to start my day than with these homemade pop tarts or these overnight oat parfaits!

Speaking of strawberries, this beautiful cocktail will definitely be a must-try this Summer!

Summer Strawberry Rose

For those that might be wondering, is one child enough?

I’ve always wanted my own potting bench!

This beautiful read is so full of jaw-droppingly-gorgeous pictures, I’m pretty sure the next time I board an airplane, I better be on my way to Italy!

Almalfi Coast, Italy

LOVING all the pretty blue touches in this Summer home tour!

Just in case you’re looking for some tips for designing and planting your planters.


We’re looking forward to another wonderful weekend in the sun! Wishing you a lovely weekend as well my friends!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. First, thank you so so so much for sharing the post about our Italy trip! You made my day!

    Those strawberry rhubarb recipes look so good, I might have to try the pop tarts! Also, I’m so happy you shared the post about how to plant a planting box. I love having planters but struggle with putting them together every year. I’m definitely saving that for next year!

    1. SO happy to share Em – seeing all those beautiful pictures moved it straight to the top of my travel list!

      And I agree, I’ll definitely be trying those strawberry rhubarb pop tarts too!

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