Our First Vegetable Garden – July Update

Sharing a quick update of our first vegetable garden and how things are growing several weeks after planting…


Those of you that have been following along with our gardening journey will know just how much we are loving having a garden of our very own this year!


It’s been such a rewarding journey so far and one that I am so happy + grateful to share with our little man!


Planting, nurturing and harvesting your own fruits + veggies is truly one of life’s simple pleasures and you just can’t help but feel such a huge sense of accomplishment when you sit down to a meal made with ingredients you grew in your own backyard!


Our little garden has come SUCH a long, long way in the few short weeks it’s been growing. I can’t wait to take you on a tour today!


Do you have a garden of your own? What are your favourite things to grow?

Wishing you a lovely day my friends!

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4 thoughts on “Our First Vegetable Garden – July Update

  1. I think you’ve mastered gardening! Wow! It looks amazing and so exciting to see veggies and fruit hanging already! Love the garden boxes!

    1. Ahhhh, thanks Kendra! I’ve got SO much to learn, which just becomes more obvious as it all grows. 😉 But, it’s definitely been a fun journey so far and super rewarding at harvest time!

  2. Just watched Carson’s little garden tour on your story this morning, I can’t believe how much things have grown in a few short weeks! Looks like your a natural when it comes to gardening!

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