One Room Challenge {Week Three}: Oh the Difference new Furniture can Make!

Hello my friends! Welcome back to week three of our One Room Challenge makeover!

Considering this is our sixth time through the chaos and craziness of the One Room Challenge (check out our other makeovers here), we’ve certainly learned a thing or two along the way.


Like how to plan ahead (months in advance it turns out).

Not to leave all of the work for the last couple of weeks (which we’ve done for literally every other makeover).

And of course, not to take on so much work that we eat, sleep and dream nothing but renovation madness.

Considering we’ve embarked on our biggest, most intensive renovation project yet behind the scenes (will be sharing more about all of that soon!), we’ve chosen to keep our One Room Challenge as simple as possible with what is probably our easiest ORC space yet.

Guest Bedroom - BEFORE

It may be our simplest and most straight forward ORC makeover, but it’s also very much needed.

You see, our poor houseguests have been stuck sleeping between piles of art and mismatched furniture in what has become the dumping ground for every little thing that doesn’t have a place in our home just yet.

It’s sad and embarrassing.

But, at three weeks into our latest One Room Challenge, we’re making good progress friends…

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom - New Furniture

Not only have we successfully traded places with my office space (read more about all that craziness here)…

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom - New Furniture

But, even better, we have furniture!

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom - New Furniture

Like, real, grown up, beautiful furniture!

And my goodness, what a difference it’s made.

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom - New Furniture

With it’s classic lines and rustic wood details, this gorgeous furniture from The Brick is the perfect fit for our farmhouse style guest bedroom!

It’s amazing the difference some new furniture can make, isn’t it?

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom - New Furniture

I’ll tell ya, after five intense One Room Challenge makeovers, and of course being in the throes of our biggest renovation project yet, I’m looking forward to a super simple guest room makeover, just in time for the holidays to roll in! Pop in next week to check in with our progress and be sure to follow along with us on Instagram for all sorts of updates and sneak peeks!

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We are SO incredibly lucky to be teaming up with some AHHHHHMAZING companies as we take on this crazy renovation! Sending out SUCH a big thank you to the following companies for sponsoring this makeover (and making it so easy to recommend them and their fabulous products!).

Official Sponsors
The Brick
Crane & Canopy |

If you’re curious, feel free to check out our other One Room Challenge makeovers below…


Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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  1. Love the wallpaper with the wood tones of the furniture! Loving all of these crazy updates you are sharing!! Your house must feel like a train station lately with so much going on 😉

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