One Room Challenge: Week Four {Closet Organization Tips}

Well my friends, Week Four has officially come and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye. In fact, I might just be starting to freak out with everything left on our list. Maybe. But just a little, because, despite hitting panic mode this week, I’m still incredibly excited to see how this all comes together.

Having just bought a new (to us) home, we have an entire house worth of rooms just begging for a makeover, but we chose to start by making a special Big Boy Bedroom for our not-so-little guy. In Week One, I shared our plans to create a rustic, cabin themed space. Week Two was all about progress. Then came Week Three, which brought with it the flu and almost no progress at all. I’m happy to say that Week Four saw a bit of progress, though emphasis there would be on the “bit” part. We went away for the weekend, which was an absolute blast, but took up a big chunk all of our time to get things done. For the record it was TOTALLY worth it! Despite our long weekend of no work and all play, we did manage to get a few things done:

Not only did I get this little bench painted up with my fave Rustic Charm chalk paint from Country Chic (totally forgot a before pic of this one, but trust me, it wasn’t pretty!)…


Unfortunately, the paint is still drying, so for now you’ll have to settle for this Insta sneak peek.
But, more importantly, I tackled this disaster

New Home Tour | making it in the mountains

Overwhelming? You bet! Embarrassing? Absolutely! Functional? Not even a little.

I mean seriously – we use this closet (if you can even call it that) every single day and I’m pretty sure I can’t think of a worse way to start our day than digging through this mess just to get Carson dressed.

But, you’d be surprised how quickly I was able to turn it into this with just five simple steps!

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Whew! It’s like a breath of fresh air, right?! I’m super excited to share these tips with y’all to show you just how easy it was to get it all organized!

One. First thing’s first – clear out the space. That’s right, pull it ALL out. Now you’ve got yourself a fresh place to start! PS. this is a great time to cover it all with a fresh coat of white paint if you really want to create a clean backdrop – or, you know, just get rid of that awful peach paint that’s been on those walls for the last 20+ years!

Two. Keep. Store. Donate. Trash. As you pull everything out, sort it all into piles to keep, store, donate or throw away. Only things that you are currently using should go back into that closet. That means anything that’s too big or too small should either be put into storage, donated or thrown in the garbage.

Now, if you want to get really crazy (and let’s face it, this gal knows how to get crazy about organizing!), you can sort your storage containers by size as well. Carson has storage bins like these that I’ve sorted by size and of course, clearly labelled. As he grows out of something, I either toss it into the correct bin, or if it’s in really rough shape (like every single white shirt he’s ever owned let’s say), I just throw it into the trash. If it’s not really something I loved, often I’ll donate it to someone else that might appreciate it more and save the storage space for the things I really want to keep. In just three short years, I’ve managed to collect an entire wall of bins in our storage room, which makes me feel like a bit of a hoarder, but I keep telling myself it’s okay because at least they’re all organized.

I do keep a bin for clothes that are too big in the top of his closet, so that I can keep track of all of those fab sale finds I stocked up on without loosing them in the shuffle of things.

Three. Add shelves because, let’s face it, we could all use another space to put our stuff. In the interest of keeping things simple, we just added in this inexpensive shelf from IKEA right under the rod and shelf that were already there. With a large dresser to store most of our little guy’s clothes, we were able to tuck away a few extra things on our these new shelves, but if you’ve got limited space to work with in your room, adding some shelves to the closet could help free up some of that space by taking away your need for a dresser.

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Side note: I couldn’t help but share that this little bear traveled all over Europe with my Brother! He happened to be living in Germany when Carson was born, which made it very hard for them to meet for the first few months of his life, so my crazy thoughtful brother purchased this sweet little bear in France and took photos of him all over Europe in the most famous (and sometimes craziest) places and then made a photo album with them all. SO sweet, right?!

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Four. Everything has it’s place. It’s time to put it all back together! First, hang up the clothes that are making their way back into the closet. Then, create some bins to contain everything that won’t be hanging up – you know, all those extras like diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes to grow into, ect. Everything should have a home, be easily accessible and most importantly, easy to find. Keep the everyday items on the lower shelves and save that top shelf for things that you won’t need access to on a daily basis. I organized my top shelf with bins from IKEA, making it easy to pull things down when I need to, not to mention keeping things all organized in one place.

Important note: don’t just throw random crap into each box – that’s a sure fire way to forget about or even loose things! We’ve all heard that saying “out of sight, out of mind”, well it definitely applies here. Be sure to label your boxes and bins, which will not only help you keep everything organized, but will help you to find things when you need them.

kid's closet organization

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

There is one seemingly random box here, but it’s filled with all of our most precious mementos from Carson’s life so far. This box lives in the top of Carson’s closet to easily collect all sorts of special treasures and keep them safe to look back on.

Five. Now, maintain it! I’d say this is the most important part because really, what’s the point in creating an organized and functional closet if it’s not going to stay that way? You’ve done the hard part, everything is in it’s place – now it’s time to keep it that way!

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

With the closet organized and my neurotic organization tendencies at bay once again, I’m feeling ready to tackle a few more projects from our to-do list this week:

– paint walls with Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl
– replace closet doors
– paint doors trim work with Benjamin Moore’s Paper Mache
– replace door and closet hardware
– DIY plank wall
– add light fixture
– blackout blind
– make DIY window valance

– make DIY bedside table
– paint DIY crate table
– make DIY headboard
– find & purchase accessories
– make (or buy) laundry basket
– make artwork
– create reading nook

I hate to point out that this list looks eerily similar exactly the same as it did last week and, unfortunately, the week before too. With just two weeks to go before the final reveal, I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me! Good thing I LOVE a challenge!

Thank you SO much for checking in! Wishing you SUCH a wonderful day!


Below, you can find links to all of the DIY projects made for this Rustic Boy’s Bedroom as well as a source list. I’ll be sure to update this list as new tutorials are posted:

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  1. That closet looks so good all organized. That’s in my to do list once this challenge is over. I actually love when the seasons change and I can go through all the clothes and reorganize everything. Glad you had a good weekend with the family- good luck this upcoming week.

    1. Thanks Erin! I’m with ya on the seasons – somehow found the time this week to switch everything up and everything is so organized again! If only it could stay this way forever!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I blame the move for that mess, but to be honest, it’s never really been very organized. Feels great to not have to dig through it all to find an outfit that fits each morning now!!! And yes, my brother is THE SWEETEST guy ever!

  2. Way to go, Kristi! I think organizing organizing a closet is one of the hardest things ever! Love the shelving and bins! Good luck this coming week, friend… its down to the wire!! xo

  3. This closet looks great, Kristi! I love all the organization you packed into this space! And, is that a planked wall I see? Can’t wait to see that post! =)

    1. Thanks Sabrina! It’s really so fun to have the chance to make the entire home our own (even if it is a little overwhelming)! And it’s definitely a much nicer experience getting our little guy dressed each morning without having to dig through those piles!

  4. Looks great! I think I might even get inspired to get my kids’ closets organized. We are contemplating a move and I love the idea (in the abstract) of redoing an entire house. Not so sure I’ll actually love it though if we go in that direction. Good luck with the last two weeks!

    1. Thanks Tricia! I’m thrilled you’re feeling inspired – with the closet and with the house! This is the first “fixer-upper” we’ve ever taken on and so far (only a few months in) I’m still loving it. Pretty sure that’ll change when we tackle the kitchen and we’re having to BBQ dinner at 40 below 😉

  5. Wow! What a big difference! We just moved a dresser into my youngest’s bedroom {he was still using his baby changing table…yikes!} and I looked at the closet and just about died. It had been a while since I had been in there and BOY does it need a makeover.

    Thanks for the tips, girl! I’ll use them fixing up Brendan’s closet very soon!

    1. Awwww, thanks Gwen! I’m thrilled that you’re feeling inspired! It honestly didn’t take long to take it from complete chaos to organized bliss – totally worth the time and effort!!!

    1. Thank you SO, SO much Sam! It’s so great to have an organized space and a place for everything! I’m dying to see how it all comes together too!!! Thanks again Sam!

  6. Oh my goodness!! The closet looks totally amazing! You’ve done an amazing job and I can’t wait to see how the whole room turns out!!

    1. Thank you Erin!!! It’s really pretty great to have it all organized, but I’m absolutely dying to have the whole room back together again! Hoping it all comes together in the end!!!

  7. Kristi, I am so impressed that you have accomplished as much as you have. We’ve been in our home 2 years and had a yard that hadn’t been touched in 20 years with over grown ivy and tress that needed to be cut down. Needless to say it takes time. I did my oldest daughter, 3 1/2, bedroom last ORC and tackled the closet! I love the neutral color and the Ikea shelving unit works great in here. Can’t wait to see how you finish this adorable “big boy room”! Keep up the good work and let’s do this! I also hope you’ll hop over tomorrow for Pretty Pintastic Party, where every post gets pinned. You always have great posts that everyone enjoys! Sarah, Sarah Sofia Productions

    1. Thank you SO much for your sweet words Sarah! We’ve definitely tackled a ton, but there’s still SO MUCH left to do. I love that we have the opportunity to make this entire house our own, but I sure wish I could just snap my fingers to have it all done 😉 Thanks again Sarah – you totally made my morning!

  8. This is one heck of a transformation! I’m trying to do the same with my daughter’s closet. I may just have to take some of these tips to use for it!
    Visiting from the Monday Funday link party!
    Kate | The Organized Dream

  9. Great tips! Don’t forget looking at the finished list in two week will be five times as rewarding as it is terrifying to look at what is left on the list now. It’s the magic of the ORC, stuff gets done that doesn’t seem possible!

  10. We are in the midst of de-cluttering and re-organizing our entire home. Thanks for the inspirational after photos! Thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. I have pinned your post to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board.

  11. The closet looks great! I think the biggest challenge in all 5 steps is #5 though! Maintaining it can be difficult, but you are on the right track with your hint about not just throwing things in the bins and boxes. Knowing what goes where is key. Great job and can’t wait to see more!

  12. That closet looks great now. I am in the middle of organizing my coat/.storage closet. I have to take breaks in between…I am finally almost done. It was a catch all closet. And I do literally mean catch all. I threw stuff in it and it caught it.

  13. I love how organized your closet came out. I would love it if you would share this fabulous post at our WIW Linky Party. Hope you can join us!


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