Farmhouse Spring Decor: 12 Lovely Ways to Welcome Spring in Farmhouse Style

These farmhouse Spring decor ideas are as charming as they are beautiful!

These farmhouse Spring decor ideas are as charming as they are beautiful!

Oh Spring – a breath of fresh (warm) air after 6+ months of cold, snow-filled days. #welcometoCanada

Okay, maaaaaybe I’m exaggerating just a bit. It hasn’t really been six whole months. So far, our 2016 has actually been pretty warm. I’m talking, sun shining, snow melting, I can leave the house without a coat in the afternoon warm! Though it never fails, the skies always seem to dump another 5 inches of snow on us while we’re snuggled up in bed dreaming of those long Summer days to come.

Spring can be such a tease.

I’m telling you, it’s been a constant struggle between flip-flops & boots for weeks now…

Thankfully right now, flip-flops are winning and we’re taking advantage of every second of sun while we can!


Because, as I shared whined about on Instagram, we all know there’s a good chance there’ll be more snow on the way again soon!

Truth is, Summers tend to feel a tad short here in Canada – the warm weather never really comes as quickly as we’d like and it never, ever sticks around as long as it should.

So, when the weather finally starts to turn after a (very) long Winter – the snow melts away (albeit at a snail’s pace) and we can open our windows for the first time in months – we can’t help but get a little excited about it all up here!

Love Spring as much as I do? I couldn’t help but share some of my favourite ways to welcome Spring into your home in true farmhouse style…

Start with a fresh Spring wreath on the front door.

Dried Wreath

Or make your own pretty wreath in just ten minutes!

Floral Crown Inspired Spring Wreath |

Build a bench to sit on while you pull those muddy boots off.

DIY Bench

And don’t forget to deck it out with some lovely flowers.

Entry Way Bench

Speaking of flowers, throw some into a few mason jars and scatter them around the house.

5 simple mason jar flower arrangements perfect for your spring and summer decor!

You could even add a few Spring apothecary labels.

Spring Apothecary Labels

Or just hang some on the wall for more of a rustic touch.

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Mason Jar Planter |

Don’t forget to decorate the chalkboard.

This large DIY chalkboard is so simple to make and, unlike most others out there, actually hangs on the wall like a piece of art. |

And you might try hanging some pretty floral prints on the walls.

Spring Flower Printables

Think pink my friends, {blush} to be more specific with some pretty floral pillows or a soft pink throw.


You can never go wrong with light and bright.

Light and Bright Living Room

And don’t forget the bedroom.

Spring Master Bedroom

These farmhouse Spring decor ideas are as charming as they are beautiful!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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39 thoughts on “Farmhouse Spring Decor: 12 Lovely Ways to Welcome Spring in Farmhouse Style

  1. I am so inspired to do some Spring spritzing. My living room has cream walls, medium beige carpet, light beige leather furniture, and light oak end tables. I can’t change any of these. The picture on the one wall has a little blue, and I have a blue lamp. Even the blinds are white with a navy band. I MUST get some color in there! I think I’ll start with some pink, as one of your posts suggests, but I have lots of red/white/blue I’d like to use. Would you care to see the results of the spritzing? I have an occasional blog I will post on eventually.

    1. It sounds like you’ve got some great light neutrals to start with Jewell! I bet it will look amazing!!! Would love for you to pop by with a link once you’ve got it posted, I’d love to check it out! Thanks so much!

  2. Loving your spring touches. Using boxwood has always been one of my favorites, I need to dig out my mason jars and see what greenery I can put into them. Her’s hoping we get some warmer spring weather soon!

    1. Thank you Christine! Boxwood is such a classic look that really can work all year round and there’s nothing more versatile than decorating with mason jars! Happy Spring!!!

  3. Hi there, I keep popping up on you when you least expect me. So good to read your great Spring post. Loving all the Springy updating you’ve been doing. So many things I saw in your wonderful photos, you inspired me several times.
    I like to make some new art, paint piece of furniture. We made new to us tv stand with 6 drawer dresser found at our local thrift store for $20. Took 2 top drawers out for shelf to put dvd player on and some 3″ sturdy casters besides painting it. Let it cure out in shed for couple days before we brought it in. Then had to rearrange living room to accommodate it since it’s much higher than old stand.
    Spring likes to tease us here in western CO also, never know from day to day what we’ll have when we get up.
    Between having shoulder replacement surgery in early Dec. then weeks and weeks of physical therapy haven’t had as much time for what I want/need to do. Miss keeping up with favorite bloggers, have so many blog posts am behind. Then didn’t have computer for over month and learning how to use windows 10 on new laptop.
    How is your little guy doing? Is he enjoying being close to family now, and how about you/hubs? Hope you get more Spring soon.
    Today was nice enuf here could hang out flannel sheets to dry. Love how they smell being dried outside. Was going to put flannel sheets away today but hubs asked for one more week with them, surprised me. Did get all my faux Ugg boots out of closet, now where to store them til Fall again. Love wearing faux Ugg’s, so comfy and snuggly like comfy slippers.
    Have great week, hope to hear from you.

    1. Hi Jane Ellen!!! Always love seeing your name pop up! SO happy to hear things are going well with you! The new TV stand sounds amazing! I’ve been wanting to make something similar for ages now too.

      Things here are great! Busy, but that just means we’ve got a ton to look forward to. 😉

      Wishing you such a wonderful week as well my friend! xo

    1. YAY!!! We’ve had some surprisingly warm weather lately (though I don’t want to jinx it!). Here’s to a warm and sunny Spring to come! Thanks so much Lisa!

  4. Such lovely ideas, Kristi… love farmhouse style! That bedroom is gorgeous especially! Hope you have a wonderful week! xo

  5. Haha I totally hear you on the whole flip flops to boots thing. The weather has been a bit confusing over here. There are so many great projects and inspiring photos in this post. I was going to tell you my favorite but then realized I love them all! 🙂

  6. All of it is so beautiful! When we lived in Canada, close to TO, I remember that feeling when spring was finally there and everyone would get out and about, so great! Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration #2!!! Sending lots of sun over from Spain [where I miss rain and snow 😉 ]

    1. Thank you Katrin! We certainly have to wait a while longer for that weather to stick around, but when it does, there’s such a wonderful energy all around! LOVE Spring!

  7. I love the soft neutral looks of all of these spring ideas. I’m torn though, I love brights too…lol. Probably why I can’t seem to make a style decision in our home.

  8. Hi, Kristi! Love all the details you have to welcome spring, and got an extra surprise with that gorgeous bench… now on the look for an old door. My girls would be happy if I add some pink to our home 😉

    Thank you for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration party!! Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hello, I’m dropping by from the DIY Show Off Party. I enjoyed seeing all your ways to enjoy spring and how to bring the sunshine indoors. Thanks for sharing them.

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