How to Make your own DIY Bathtub Tray

Good morning friends!

It’s been nearly two weeks since I shared our new farmhouse style bathroom and I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor each and every time I walk into it.

I can’t believe how beautifully it all came together.

I couldn’t possibly be any more in love with the space.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it just functions SO much better for our family.

It came SUCH a long, long way in just six week’s time.

A Farmhouse Style Bathroom |

I still can’t believe we pulled it off.

I still can’t believe it’s ours.

It’s impossible to name a favourite part. It’s all incredible really. But, the thing I’ve most enjoyed since finishing up the space would probably be this gorgeous bathtub from American Standard Canada.

A Farmhouse Style Bathroom |

Made even better by this DIY bathtub tray, which is every bit as functional as it is pretty.

A Farmhouse Style Bathroom |

A Farmhouse Style Bathroom |

And, it was SO simple to make! Pop on over to AKA Design to see how I whipped it up in just minutes!

A Farmhouse Style Bathroom |

Pop on over here to see it in the finished space:

A Farmhouse Style Bathroom |

And you won’t want to miss all of these other fab {farmhouse style bathroom} projects:


Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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26 thoughts on “How to Make your own DIY Bathtub Tray

  1. I love the way you made your bathtub tray. I am making one and needed it to be as wide as yours, but I did not know how it would look. Yours is beautiful and I know now that mine will look just that good too. Thank you for the information and all you share with everyone, it makes our days so much worth getting up .

  2. Your bathroom is seriously so dreamy. I could probably live in there, haha. Just LOVE that bathtub, and the beautiful tray, and of course the gorgeous vanity… really all of it!

  3. Smart idea making that wonderful bathtub tray, so handy and so handsome, great job on yet one more project. Would love to make one but our tub is too big, is called garden tub in mfg. home language. The tub I get to keep clean but not use since it uses too much water. Have bathed in it maybe 4 times since we moved in July/2006. I’d much rather have smaller tub, your tub is to soak away your aches, troubles and whatever else..
    What’s not to love, love, love? Your new bathroom is too awesome for me to put into words. Everything I saw I’d love to do in our bathroom, but know will not happen.. My hubs is of the idea, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, he’s not into fixing things up to be nicer just cause people can. I’m still amazed he helped me paint living room.
    Did you use vintage buffet for your vanity? It is so incredibly nice looking and those sinks and faucets – oooh. Sure looks like it was worth all that hard work, does your hubby agree?
    We have a buffet which is used to store overflow this and that but would be very nice bathroom vanity. Would have to paint it as it’s black but do like the darkly stained top. Going to print out photo of your vanity/sinks/faucets so he can see how gorgeous it turns out, he’ not one to get the visions I do.
    Can’t wish you happy holiday weekend as it is here but sure hope your weekend is fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much JaneEllen! I really love how it all came together too! Maybe if you show hubs what can be done with that old buffet, he’ll jump in on your plans too! Good luck friend! Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. That bathtub is gorgeous, Kristi!!! And that tray is so functional and perfect for so many items! Heading over to check out the tutorial!

  5. Your bathroom is gorgeous, your choices are right on… but… just one thought…. on that tray….. shouldn’t the stopper pieces designed to keep it from falling be on the outside of the tub? What will keep the tray from accidentally falling into the tub?

    1. Thank you SO much Cindy! I really didn’t want to be able to see the stoppers from the outside, which is why I put them on the inside – it’s actually a bit counter-intuitive, but the stopper on the opposite side stops it from sliding in. šŸ˜‰ Thanks again!

  6. I am so making this! We just moved into our first house with an incredible claw foot tub that Iā€™m already making the most of. I love nothing more than a glass of wine and a good book

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