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Happy Friday!

I am absolutely thrilled to be here today! I’m Kendra from Joy In Our Home and when Kristi asked me to guest post on here today, I was soo excited (but I didn’t tell her I *might* have done a happy dance right there in front of our computer!) She is one of the first blogging friends I found in this crazy wonderful world of blogging and isn’t she just the sweetest? Not only does she deliver amazing DIY projects time and again, but she’s also one of the most caring and encouraging people I know!

‎So anyway, I’d love to show you a easy project I did this past week…


Coffee Table Tray Makeover: My $1 Garage Sale Find at
If you’ve been following my blog, you might know that I looove garage sale season! There is something just so exciting about looking through one persons junk… that will become MY treasure!

Coffee Table Tray Makeover: My $1 Garage Sale Find at

I picked up this gross odd-coloured green metal tray and knew I would find the perfect spot for it! For my birthday a month ago, my husband built me a coffee table (that I am dying to share with you but we are still waiting for some hardware we ordered!) and it is the perfect spot for this tray! I cannot wait to make all kinds of vignettes on it!

Here is what I used:

– Metal tray  $1 from garage sale (you could use any tray… metal, wooden, from the Dollar Store, etc.!)

– Spray paint (I used Rustoleum white and black)

– Scrapbook paper from Michaels-  3 pages at $1 per page (you could also use maps, vintage photos, etc.)

– Modge Podge

First, I cleaned the green tray thoroughly and dried it. I then gave it one coat of black spray paint. The reason I used black for an undercoat is because I was planning to distress it. I let it dry overnight and then spraypainted it white. After it dried completely, I used sandpaper to lightly distress any edges that I wanted to look worn and old.

Coffee Table Tray Makeover: My $1 Garage Sale Find at

For the inside of the tray, I wanted it to have a little more detailed look and thought I would add some scrapbook paper. Michaels has such a fabulous selection and I could have chosen so many different themes to go with. I decided to go with go with the paper above… it gives it somewhat of a vintage feel. I made a template with scrap paper first and then used double sided tape to tape my paper onto the tray. To seal it and protect it, I would suggest applying Modge Podge onto the paper.

Coffee Table Tray Makeover: My $1 Garage Sale Find at

Coffee Table Tray Makeover: My $1 Garage Sale Find at

Coffee Table Tray Makeover: My $1 Garage Sale Find at

 I love the distressed look it has… gives it a little vintage feel!


Thanks once again, Kristi, for having me today! Would love for you to come on over to my blog and check out what I’ve been sharing….

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


SUCH a big, big thank you to Kendra for sharing her lovely Coffee Table Tray! Not only is she the absolute sweetest, but she’s got a classically vintage style that totally speaks to me! This GORGEOUS Master Bedroom Makeover had me hooked from the first time I pinned it on Pinterest … I just know y’all are going to love her and her fabulous blog as much as I do!!!

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  1. Hi there Kendra! It’s nice to meet you, I’m going to head over to your blog when I leave here. Kristi is really sweet & I love popping over to see all of her posts.

  2. So sweet looking! I’ve done something similar with a few trays – much less beautiful, but it is nice to have a pretty container to hold things!

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