The Home Girls & a Sweet {Jolie} Giveaway: Industrial Vintage House Tour – Part 1

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Welcome back to our week-long giveaway!!! To say that I am SO excited to share Nicole’s beautiful house with you all today would be the understatement of the year!  With a love for fashion, accessories and home decor, this girl has got to be one of the most creative and stylish people on the face of the planet.  She’s truly been an inspiration to me and I can’t help but envy admire her seemingly endless talents.  Not only does Nicole run a super successful business (which you learned all about yesterday at Meet the B’s), but her house is nothing short of AH-MAZING and there’s no doubt in my mind that you will be swooning over every single detail too!!!
Main Floor Collage

First of all, Oh. My. Goodness … THIS ENTRYWAY!!! Seriously, SUCH a lovely way to welcome people into her home:
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
How could you be greeted by this and not want to see more?!  I LOVE the way that Nicole has re-purposed that vintage window, which she left as is – chippy grey paint and all – to display her family photos!  And are you crushing on that glass and wood hall table as much as I am? It just so happens to be made from a 100+ year old washstand. I love how the black “R” monogram & staircase railing add a touch of modern to it all. The dark colour also adds some contrast against that wood plank wall, which unbelievably, is actually a very convincing wallpaper! She’s really found the perfect mix of rustic charm with modern elements.
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
This FABULOUS deer head introduces yet another rustic element to the entry space. Found at Restoration Hardware, which just happens to be one of her all time favorite stores, this deer head is made from a composite resin that is made to look like iron. Not only does the dark iron colour add a modern touch, but it also serves to perfectly set off this gorgeous wall colour.
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Who would have ever thought to display a Russian Missile in the front entry?  SUCH a creative way to fill a small corner and I love the way the gold looks with that vintage trunk and blue wall. Right now it’s filled to the brim with vintage yardsticks, which she’s currently collecting to completely line two walls in her back entryway (I CANNOT wait to see that!!!) – “We’ll need about 350 of them though, so it’s a work I’m progress!” On the vintage trunk, she has displayed a wooden cross that was found on a trip to Mexico. Made using old scraps of metal, meat grinders and nuts and bolts, it’s definitely a unique piece of art!
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
This vintage marquis “R” is such a fun addition to the space! Nicole’s handy hubby, Ken, ran the wiring for the it through the wall and connected it to a light switch – BRILLIANT!!! “It took a lot if time and planning, but was totally worth it!” She found the marquis light online through a company that reclaims and restores them.
The entry way opens up into this GORGEOUS living space filled with SO MANY stunning details …
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
With a perfect blend of warm woods, soft fabrics & rustic, industrial and vintage elements, this living room is simply stunning!  All of these elements combine seamlessly to give a warm & comfortable atmosphere that really just makes you want to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and that lovely throw blanket in front of the fireplace.
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
As is true with each room in her home, every single detailed element is well loved and truly adds so much to the space.
(Click through the gallery below to see more).

Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Nicole became “wife o’ the year” when she found this Vintage German Voltage Tester, which she converted into a liquor bar for her husband last Christmas!
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
With this STUNNING dining table paired with a mix of silver and copper chairs, this dining area may just be one of my favorite rooms EVER!!!
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Nicole had a brick veneer installed on the wall in her dining room, which truly adds so much texture and visual depth to the space.  Set behind this airplane propeller she purchased at an auction, they serve to give that vintage industrial feel to the room that Nicole is so drawn to.
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
The fixture above the dining room table is a vintage copper timpani drum that’s been turned upside down and converted into a light. This baby weighs about 60 lbs! It’s so unique and I can totally see why it is one of her most favorite finds ever!!!
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
The kitchen continues with a perfectly balanced blend of modern and vintage style.
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Lovingly filled with vintage pieces Nicole has collected with her husband, even the kitchen has become a meaningful display.
(Click through the gallery below to see more).


How would you describe your style?

I would say that my home design style is Vintage Industrial.


Where do you look for inspiration?

I like going through Pinterest and Design Magazines.  I always feel really inspired when I get the chance to go curating, whether it be at an Auction or an Estate Sale.  I love to travel and can’t wait to start that up again too!!  I’ve been so inspired by my trips to Turkey, Greece, Italy and France and would love to go to Antique Auctions there too one day!


Are you self taught or school trained?

I’d like to think that I’m both. I graduated from NAIT as a FIDER Approved Interior Design Technician.  I learned the technical parts of design and blueprinting while I was there.  I think that I inherently always have had an eye for design, as well as a love for it.  It’s always been my passion.


Do you tend to favor new or vintage?

ALWAYS Vintage!!  Everyone can purchase new items – and many people do and have the same pieces.  I’d much rather have empty spaces in my home ready to be filled with unique treasures that are eclectic and that you won’t find in anyone else’s home!!


This may be an impossible question, but can you share some favorite pieces from your home?

There are aspects of every room that I love: the vintage timpani drum that is our dining room light, the barn wood wallpaper in our front entry and master, the brick veneer throughout the home, the lights in our back entrance, the bird wallpaper in our guest bathroom … I try and treat every room as if it’s really special and deserving of the same amount of attention as the main living areas.


What would you say are the projects you are most proud of?

Probably my favorites are the wallpaper treatments and the brick veneer.  They’re both things that I have always wanted in my home, and although we didn’t install them ourselves, I am super happy with how they turned out!!


What did you find most challenging with designing and/ or decorating your home?
The biggest challenge I’ve found was to take the home from looking “new” to looking like it has character. I’ve tried really hard to add elements (brick, wallpaper, wood, etc …) to make the house look warmer and more lived in. The home we came from had a ton of character and was really small, so trying to inject that character into a larger space has been challenging at times.


When decorating a room, where do you start? Can you give a brief description of the process you journey through?
I don’t actually plan an entire room at a time. I know what elements I’ll need – whether it be décor pieces or actual furniture items and I keep my eye out. I have found in the past that when I go out with a mission in mind, that I never find what I’m looking for. Instead I like to keep my “want list” in the back of my mind and hope to eventually find the perfect item. Sometimes my vision comes to life as I had initially imagined, and sometimes it takes a completely different course. Eventually if I can’t find what I’m wanting (as far as furniture goes), I’ll have it made.


With three beautiful children running around the house, how do you balance the toys and mess that come with them, while still keeping your living spaces looking their best?
Our entire basement has been finished and claimed as “kid space”, so all of their toys, activities, etc.. are down there. I have kept the main areas in our home toy-free. We used to live in just 700sqft, so everything was in our main living area. I vowed to contain the mess and have more adult space once we were able to move and have the space for it! Nothing in our home is “precious” and there are no rooms that the kids aren’t allowed in, but they do know that their toys stay in their space!!


Where are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

I love antiquing and estate sales, but I also LOVE going to Home Sense (I find it oddly relaxing). They carry some great pieces but you have to check back often as their stock changes all the time!


What’s the best decorating advice you can share with our readers?

Only bring things into your home that you LOVE!!  Don’t buy items and pieces just to “make due” or fill a space.  It may take longer to have a completed space, but once everything comes together you’ll be happier having waited to buy only items that you can’t live without!!!

This main floor bathroom is simply filled with personality!

Sweet {Jolie} House Tour

This amazing wallpaper brings so much character and colour to the room! Nicole used it to cover 2 full walls in the bathroom and then, against the advice of many, she chose to hang the one strip that was left, behind the sink. She tells me, “I knew I would love it though – which I do!”
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
These vintage accents pair so perfectly with it all! That vintage window is actually from the house that used to be on the property. Nicole and her husband Ken bought the property with plans to rebuild and repair it, but it turned out to have too much structural damage, so in the end, after trying to fix it for four years, they were forced to tear it down. Her thoughtful hubby snagged it before the house was torn down and surprised her with it when they moved in. She’s chosen to leave the window frame in its original color/condition, which works absolutely perfectly in the space. She adored the wallpaper so much that she placed the last couple of scrap pieces behind the window glass – SO clever!
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
Finally, to round off the main floor, Nicole’s back entry. displays a vintage postal box complete with old locks.
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour
This vintage postal box was the PERFECT way to display these old locks and, together with the beautiful door hanging on the wall, injects a ton of colour into the space!
I am truly inspired at how Nicole was able to inject SO much character, personality and creativity into what could have been a very bland and boring brand new house!  Every inch of her home is filled with meaning and purpose, which gives each room a collected feel that is so easy to fall in love with!
Be sure to follow along with the rest of the house tour tomorrow at Brepurposed as she explores the lovely children’s bedrooms and the stunning master bedroom & bath!  Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store … I PROMISE you won’t want to miss a single detail!
Sweet {Jolie} House Tour



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