6 Things to Consider when Designing a Custom Sofa

Buying a new sofa is a big decision, one that you’ll probably end up living with for many years to come. There’s no better way to ensure the best fit for your space and your lifestyle than designing a custom sofa my friends! Find out how you can design the perfect piece for your home at a cost that’s comparable to all of those other ready-made options you’ve been considering.

How you can design the perfect piece for your home at a cost that's comparable to all of those other ready-made options you've been considering. | www.makingitinthemountains.com

Since finishing up our new farmhouse family room a few short weeks ago, our whole family has been putting it to very good use…

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com
Carson and I have spent many cozy afternoons curled up reading together in front of the fire.

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com
Brady and I have enjoyed a few relaxing nights in front of our new TV.

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com
And we’ve even celebrated this new space with a special family movie night, complete with lots of comfy pillows, cozy blankets and of course some yummy popcorn!

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com
We absolutely adore our new family room! It’s such a lovely space and everything about it works so perfectly for us!

Now, it would be impossible to choose just one favourite part, but there’s no doubt that the thing we use most in this space is that big old comfy couch. No matter what it is we’re doing, we’re always doing it from that couch.

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com
It really is the heart of this room.

When designing this room, I hunted high and low, travelling to the corners of the Earth (online of course) looking for that perfect sofa – one that was both gorgeous AND comfortable. You know that ever elusive combination of qualities. Seriously though, why does it always seem to be just on or the other that always wins out? I can’t be the only one hunting for a beautiful sofa that is not just comfortable, but makes you want to sink right in and never, ever get up again.

I actually found a few options I really liked, but they all seemed to involve some sort of compromise – didn’t love the colour, not my favourite fabric, the sizing was a bit small/ big for our space. I was definitely feeling a bit discouraged (and of course our short six week timeline didn’t help!).

And then one fateful day, I learned something that would forever change the way I shop for living room furniture …

Did you know that The Brick makes custom furniture?

Now, there’s no doubt that you’d be hard pressed to find a fellow Canadian that hasn’t heard of (or probably shopped at) The Brick. But, do you think I could find one person that knew that they actually offered custom furniture options?! Even better, not only are they soft, cozy and comfortable with beautiful fabrics to choose from, they’re the least expensive custom upholstery option on the market, making them an incredible value! And our very favourite part, each piece in their Designed 2B collection is manufactured right here in Canada!

There’s no better way to get exactly what you want than to design it my friends and with the Designed 2B collection from The Brick it couldn’t be simpler to create the perfect sofa for your space, your style and your life.

Designed 2B

6 Things to Consider when Designing a Custom Sofa

one. Comfort & Style.
The two most important pieces to the puzzle in my book. Who doesn’t want a sofa that looks beautiful while also being comfy and cozy? Why would you settle for anything less? The Designed 2B collection from The Brick offers 3 different style options, each one as cozy and comfortable as the other, making it possible to find the best of both worlds no matter your style preferences.

two. Layout.
One of the greatest things about designing your own custom sofa is the ability to make it fit so perfectly within your space. Looking for a corner sectional? How about one side longer than the other? Maybe with a chaise on one end? Or a simple love seat? Or chair? With 21 different pieces to choose from in the Designed 2B collection, the possibilities are endless!

three. Fabric.
Another chance to perfectly match your sofa to your decor and style preference. Go bold with a brighter colour, or choose something more subtle and classic for a more timeless look. I LOVED having 24 fabrics to choose from in the the Designed 2B collection – I couldn’t have found a better fit than this light coloured linen fabric for our space!

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com

four. Quality.
Brady and I have always chosen to fill our home with quality pieces that we know will stand the test of time (not to mention our little man). Why buy something only to have to replace it in just a few years when it starts to fall apart? We couldn’t have been happier with the quality of the construction and beautiful fabric of our new sofa! There’s no doubt we’ll be enjoying it for many, many years to come!

five. Cost.
Sometimes those quality pieces we like to fill our home with cost a little more, and other times we find ourselves paying less than some of the other lesser quality options. Either way, it’s usually worth it. But there’s no denying that we love to save money where we can. With The Brick’s the Designed 2B collection we were able to design exactly what we wanted for our home knowing we were getting the best value for our money!

six. Accessories.
Whether for looks, function or both maybe, what really makes a space feel pulled together are the accessories. A sofa is no different. With all sorts of coordinating fabrics (40 in total with the the Designed 2B collection), you can design custom cushions, ottomans or even side chairs that will fit perfectly within your style and space! We couldn’t resist adding an ottoman to our sofa package to provide some extra seating and functionality for our space.

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com

The possibilities truly are endless my friends…


We couldn’t be happier with our new custom sofa – the quality, style and price point were a perfect fit for our space and our family! I know we’ll be enjoying this beautiful piece for many years to come!

Farmhouse Style Family Room | www.makingitinthemountains.com
I’d love for you to pop on over to check out our new farmhouse style family room where you can read more about how I designed the space and find links to all of the products we used to pull it together.

Farmhouse Style Family Room

HUGE thanks to the wonderful folks at The Brick for sponsoring this post and making it so darn easy to recommend their fantastic stores and incredible Designed 2B collection!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

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  1. I think your Farmhouse looks very Lovely,cozy and very cheery Kristi
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    Excellent Tip thanks
    I can also relate to the green chalk board, I absolutely love it
    Like to know how much you spent in doing this product of I may ask?
    Thanks you inspired me a great deal 🙂

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