5 Simple Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

The leaves are slowly turning yellow as the cool, crisp air of Fall is sneaks it’s way in.


There’s no mistaking it…

Fall is nearly here.

It’s always been my favourite time of year, but this year, I’m feeling a little less sure about things.

A little less ready for it all.

You see, this year our sweet little boy heads off to Kindergarten.

Back to School

He’s the friendliest boy I know and I have no doubt he will be best friends with the entire class before the first day is through. And of course, he is over the moon excited to learn every little thing he can. The teacher in me is SO excited and happy for him, knowing he’s been waiting for this day for most of his short little life.

Back to School

But oh boy, the Mama in me is struggling. Struggling to watch my sweet little baby grow so quickly. Struggling to encourage the growth and independence I very much want for him, while at the same time very much struggling with the knowledge that this same independence means that he will need me less and less as the years pass (rightfully so of course).

Fall Family

Yes my friends, this Fall will be a memorable one for sure!

Back to School

Knowing our schedules will soon be filling up with all things school and of course all the excitement of those after-school activities, I found myself looking for all the help I could get to organize it all.

So, here’s what I came up with…

5 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

5 Simple Ways to Get Organized for Back to School | www.makingitinthemountains.com

Start with the perfect planner...


Organize the family with a family command center

Family Command Center

Give the kids some responsibility with a few chores around the house…

Printable Chore Chart

Make mornings less hurried with perfectly organized closets

Kid's Closet Organization: How to organize your child's closet in 5 easy steps | making it in the mountains

Be school lunch ready with a fun bento box and of course, some ideas to fill it with

School Lunch Ideas


Back to school will definitely be bitter-sweet this year as we send our sweet little man off to Kindergarten.

Back to School

There’s no doubt which one of us will have tears in our eyes as we say good-bye that first day of school!

Back to School

We’re hoping to make the transition to Kindergarten as easy as possible, so tell me friends, how do you keep it all organized when the chaos of back-to-school rolls in?

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!

PS. Photographs of our sweet little man were taken by our very talented friend at Melissa Baker Photography.

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8 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

  1. He is going to be a heart breaker. I remember sending my baby off to kindergarten. You are in my prayers. He will love it and it will get easier every day.

  2. Don’t know who it’s hardest on, Mom or the little one, sometimes. When our youngest went off to school she was so ready. Looks like your little guy is raring to go which is good for him but hard on Mom. You’ve prepared him as he needed to be. Those are wonderful photos of him and his smile is the sweetest, what a happy little fella.
    Our youngest had 3 older siblings who had been playing school with her for quite awhile before school started for her. She already knew her letters and numbers so was well prepared.
    Did you play school with your little man? Does he have cousins to play school with?
    Have fun weekend and enjoy the Fall temps.

    1. How sweet! Our little guy is so very ready too, it’s Mama that’s not ready to let go just yet. I know he’s just going to love it though! Thank you so, so much JaneEllen!!!

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