A Simple DIY Wood Christmas Wreath

This lovely DIY Wood Christmas Wreath is not only beautiful, but it’s so simple to make!

This lovely DIY Wood Christmas Wreath is not only beautiful, but it's so simple to make!

I’m so, so excited to be be guest blogging for Kristi here at Making It In The Mountain today! My name is Maria and I talk all things DIY, Craft and Lifestyle over at Pastels & Macarons.

With Christmas coming up I’m starting to think of all of the Christmas Crafts, DIY’s and Printables I want to embark on this year. This time of the year goes by so fast and before we know it, it’s the big day. This year I wanted to be a little more organized the the previous and start my decorating and projects early.

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I love anything wood, rustic and vintage and really wanted to make a rustic Christmas Mantel display this year. I found some beautiful Christmas trees and deer heads at my local craft store that where perfect and exactly what I was looking for but then wanted a nice rustic wreath that was a bit different to go with the entire look.

I came by some bleached white wood sticks (if that’s what you want to call them) at a cheap homewares store about a month ago and snapped up a couple of large bags for about $5! I know, cheap! Love it. I knew these pretties where going to be used for something but at the time I didn’t know what.

DIY Wood Christmas Wreath by Pastels & Macarons #christmas #diy #craft #christmaswreath #diywreath #diychristmaswreath #diyrusticchristmaswreath #rusticwreath #rusticchristmas #diywoodwreath

So when I found the deer head and Christmas tree I knew these sticks where the perfect item to create my rustic Wood Christmas Wreath!

I had a simple idea in mind and had actually sat down and drew out how I wanted my wreath to look. I just hoped it looked as pretty as I imagined it and to be honest I feel it’s turned out exactly, if not better than I had imagined it which I’m so happy about.

What you will need to create your own DIY Wood Christmas Wreath


Short, bleached wood sticks (in assorted thicknesses)
Ribbon (I chose a country style ribbon to go with my rustic look)
Wooden hoop (small or medium depending on how big you want it)
Wooden Star/s (small)
White Spray Paint
Hot Glue

Step 1
Begin by spay painting the wooden hoop and allowing it to dry.


Step 2
Then start gluing on the end of the sticks to the hoop making sure to mic thin and thick sticks. Some sticks may also be long than other so play around until you get an even feel all around.


Step 3
Once you have glued on all of your sticks, hot glue some twine to your star/stars. I was going to use three starts but decided that one star was enough. Play around and see what you prefer.


Step 4
Get a long piece of twine and tie the two ends together.


Step 5
Wrap the twine around your wreath and pull the knotted end through the loop at the end of the twine. Pull tight to secure. Now if this doesn’t make sense I’m sorry. I can’t think of a better way to explain it! Haha.


Step 6
So that it doesn’t move around, finish securing it with a little hot glue.


Step 7
Continue by making a pretty bow tie for your wreath and hot gluing it on to your wreath. I paced my wreath on the back of a chair so I could see exactly where I needed to glue my bow.


Step 8
Finish by hot gluing the star to the top, centre of the wreath.

There you have it. Easy Peasy right?!


I hope you enjoyed todays easy DIY Wood Christmas Wreath tutorial and that it inspires you to get creating for the festive season!!

Thank you so much to Kristi for having me on her gorgeous blog today. I have enjoyed so much sharing with you a little bit of what I’m so passionate about.

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42 thoughts on “A Simple DIY Wood Christmas Wreath

  1. Wow. I LOVE this wreath. For some reason I just do not like wreaths, I never seem to find any that I like. Then comes this post and I LOVE IT. But of course I have no clue where to find the little sticks so I probably will never have a wreath. But I am certainly going to try to hunt them down. LoL. Thank you!

    1. Isn’t it pretty Stacy? Maria is so creative! If you can’t track down those pretty little sticks, I bet you could just chop up a few sticks into smaller pieces, put it all together and then give it a quick spray of white paint too 🙂

  2. I love this wreath! I have a friend who decorates in a rustic style and this will be perfect for her. I know what she’s getting for Christmas now! Thanks. Pinning.

  3. I’m just stopping by to let you know that your amazing wood wreath will be featured at our party, Monday @ 7 pm. Woo Hoo! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for sharing this with us and we hope to see you tomorrow night! Lou Lou Girls

  4. Hey ladies,
    This wreath is so simple but beautiful! Love that wood deer, tree & stars too! Fantastic job! Stopping by to let you know you are being featured on Friday’s P3 Party post! Have a great week! Thanks for pinning!

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