Our Summer Bucket List: 25 Things We Can’t Wait to Try this Summer

Hellooooooo Summer!


School is out + Summer is officially here my friends!

With a busy Winter behind us – our schedules more jam packed than ever with hockey, piano lessons, Carson’s first year of school and of course, all the fun (and not so fun) things life brought our way, I’ll tell ya friends, we couldn’t be happier to welcome in the long, lazy days of Summer!

There’s just something about those wide open days, full of nothing but time + possibility. And we’ve got two whole months of them to look forward to before our little man starts Grade One in the Fall.


You know, I read something the other day that mentioned that we’ve got just 18 Summers to spend with our kiddos and it really did put things into perspective. I’ll tell you, with 5 of those Summers already behind us and Carson in school full time now, our Summers truly are feeling more precious than ever.


There’s definitely a part of me that wants to fill our Summer with all the fun, educational experiences and exciting adventures I can – making as many happy memories as I can, while I can.


But, there’s also a part of me that’s craving some simplicity – some days that aren’t filled to the brim with plans and expectations. After all, I know it’s the time we spend together (however it is that we choose to spend it) that will matter most.


So, in the interest of nurturing our sense of adventure, while still leaving room for some quiet space, I’ve put together a list of 25 things I’m hoping to do this Summer…


1. practice yoga in nature
2. go berry picking
3. go kayaking
4. take in an outdoor music festival
5. spend a day at the zoo
6. whip up a new Summer cocktail
7. hike a new trail
8. have a picnic
9. make smores
10. try an outdoor scavenger hunt
11. replace our tired old fence
13. plant a tree
14. play mini-golf
15. bike a new trail
16. shop a farmer’s market
17. make a tin can phone (Carson’s been asking to for ages)
18. make our own freshly squeezed lemonade
19. learn how preserve + can
20. visit an outdoor waterpark
21. read a book in just one weekend
22. drive a go-kart
23. learn how to skip rocks
24. teach Carson how to skip rocks
25. spend a whole day at the lake with friends

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What are you most excited to try this Summer?

Wishing you such a lovely day!

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10 thoughts on “Our Summer Bucket List: 25 Things We Can’t Wait to Try this Summer

  1. I love this list and many of these are on my list as well! Hope this is your best summer ever, friend!!!!

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