Guest Post – Ombre Valentine’s Heart Wall Hanging

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I am so over-the-moon excited to have the very sweet and talented Emily of Table + Hearth here sharing her fabulous V-Day Wall Art today! When Emily offered to guest post for me, I jumped at the chance to share her with y’all! This is one of those gals that seriously turns everything she touches to gold – you’re going to LOVE her amazing Metal Topped Table and DIY Pipe Shelves!!!

Hi everyone!  Emily from Table & Hearth here and I’m so excited to be doing my first ever guest post for my sweet friend Kristi today while she continues to get all moved into her new casa.  I used driftwood and acorns, some of my favorite crafting materials, to make this super easy wall hanging just in time for Valentine’s Day.


Acorn Heart Hanging


Tree branch
Yarn in a gradient of shades (at least three)
Wooden beads (with larger holes)
Gold spraypaint (optional)
Ribbon (optional)
Hot glue gun

Acorn Heart Hanging

Remove the acorns from their caps and spraypaint them gold (or whatever color you want) then re-insert them into their caps once they’re dry. Lay them out to figure how many acorns you’ll need, then decide on how many strands of each color yarn you’ll need (same number of each color on each side).  I did three white, four of each shade of pink, and then three grays on each side, but you can do more or less depending on your colors.

It is easiest to work on this while it’s hanging so hang it by the ribbon or balance the branch on something before getting started.  Cut your pieces of yarn, making sure they’re plenty long so that you can still adjust the length when you hang them.  To assemble the acorns, dab a very small amount of hot glue on the cap and stick your piece of yarn in.  Mash the yarn down into the glue (wet that finger first!) to make sure it sticks well, put a little more glue over it if you need to. The wooden beads will cover some of this so it doesn’t have to be beautiful, you just want minimal yarn and glue showing.  Set them aside for a few seconds to dry then slide a bead down onto it.

Acorn Heart Hanging

Working from the middle out, hang your acorns at the length you want them, then either tie your yarn off and cut it or hot glue the end on the backside of your branch.  I hot glued mine.

Acorn Heart Hanging

Acorn Heart Hanging

And voila!  A cute wall hanging for Valentine’s Day, or even as wall decor in a little girl’s room.  You could also do this in shapes other than a heart and put it anywhere!  I’ve got plans for another one already 🙂

Acorn Heart HangingAcorn Heart Hanging

Acorn Heart Hanging

Thanks so much to Kristi for letting me hang out here today with you guys, have a great week everyone!

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