Currently {Life in August}

Sharing a quick little update on all things {currently}…


Happy August friends!


I just can’t even believe I’m saying that! Summer is just flying by, isn’t it?!

Not only have we been enjoying all sorts of wonderful adventures (most of which you’ll have heard all about if you follow me on Instagram)…

But, we’ve had some pretty major things in the works behind the scenes, which I promise to catch y’all up on soon! Needless to say, our relaxing Summer has been taken over by (you guessed it), more renovation projects – I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end.

And so, until I can share more, here’s a quick update about where I am {currently}…

Reading: I’m about halfway through The Bookshop of Yesterdays and so far it’s been a lovely light Summer read. Thinking I might move onto this one next (I’ve heard such great things about it!).

Writing: A few posts for the blog (finally!). I’ve got more ideas than time it seems, but we’ve got all sorts of things in the works that I’m excited to share soon!

Watching: Big Brother. I know it’s such a terrible waste of my time, but I just can’t help myself. Though I do try to keep myself busy folding laundry or working away on the computer through it all to make myself feel a little less guilty. 😉

Needing: To get this main floor reno wrapped up … we’re almost there my friends! Keep your eyes open for a video tour coming soon!

Creating: A new look for the blog! You guys, I’m SO unbelievably excited about this – I’ve been working behind the scenes on it all for months now and can’t wait to share it all soon!

Learning: All sorts of ways to use up the bountiful harvests from our first garden! Any great zucchini or kale recipes? I’d love to hear them!

raised garden bed, cedar garden bed, vegetable garden

Planning: We’re still wrapping up our last renovation, but we’re already getting the itch to take on our next reno project – we’re thinking we’d like to take on the garage and basement!

Loving: Our linen coverlet – it’s the perfect fabric and weight for these Summer months!

Wearing: I’ve been living in this perfect little linen dress!

Coveting: I’ve been eyeing up one of these gorgeous cocottes for ages now.

Working for me right now: Taking some much needed time off with the fam.

What’s not: Trying to get our kitchen finished. Still. #becausecontractors #thisiswhyweDIY

Anticipating: Dinners gathered around this peaceful dining space with our family and friends.


I’d LOVE to hear where are you currently? How has your Summer been?

Wishing you SUCH a lovely week!

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6 thoughts on “Currently {Life in August}

  1. Sounds like you guys have had such an exciting summer! I can’t wait to see the main floor when you guys get it all finished up, and I’m looking forward to hearing all about what’s next 🙂 And I can’t wait to see the new look for your blog!

  2. You have had a lot of things to enjoy. Can’t wait until you get things summer has been busy also lots of wood projects for outside and inside getting ready for fall, but I can wait. I like summer to much. Just getting ideals. Enjoy

  3. Thanks so much for your fresh ideas! Looking forward to more. Glad you all have been enjoying your busy summer especially with the gardening. We have a raised bed garden as well as a larger fenced in garden with lots of vegetables I’ve been putting in the freezer as well as using daily, We also have butter beans growing around our deck and up the lattice work and trellis. My husband is currently finishing the back splash in our kitchen we recently remodeled! We are much slower at our work now that we are 70 years old but so thankful for all our blessings. Looking forward to fall and “making it in the mountains “!!

    1. Oh wow! That sounds like a dream garden! I’m hoping to expand ours more and more each year too. And how exciting that you’ve nearly made it through your kitchen remodel – it can be SUCH a long and difficult process, I bet it feels great to finally have the end in sight! Have a great weekend Loretta!

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