A Red + White Summer Dessert Perfect for Canada Day!

This quick & easy summer dessert was made to devour at your next BBQ and even better, all decked out in red + white, it’s the perfect addition to your Canada Day celebrations!

Red + White Summer Dessert

CANADA turns 150 years old this year and you better believe we’ll be celebrating!

Fun in the sun, family + friends, great food and a few fireworks to top it all off…

Canada Day is always one of my very favourites of the year!

Now, typically we Canucks tend to be a modest bunch, but on Canada Day we can’t help but shout from the rooftops how incredibly amazing this country is that we call home.

There’s nothing I love more than seeing our little town clad in maple leaves and all things red + white…

And in keeping with that proud red + white theme, at our own little backyard celebration, I’ll be serving up these quick & simple cake skewers…

Red + White Summer Dessert

Obviously, with all the celebrating to be had, I’ll be keeping it simple with my favourite boxed cake, a few strawberries and some delish whipped topping (I used Cool Whip).

Red + White Summer Dessert

After cutting my strawberries and cake into bite-sized pieces, I simply pushed them onto some wooden skewers, alternating each piece.

Red + White Summer Dessert

Red + White Summer Dessert

Then, I dropped a few dollops of whipped topping on top and that’s it friends – a perfectly simple dessert perfect for our Canada Day celebrations!

Red + White Summer Dessert

Red + White Summer Dessert

Red + White Summer Dessert

Now, with the entire country celebrating BIG with Canada’s 150th, you know the Canadian bloggers would be jumping right in there too – we’ve come together to bring you all sorts of Canadian inspiration to help you celebrate this big milestone in proud, Canadian style! Find all sorts of amazing ideas below my friends:


Wishing you an amazing CANADA DAY my friends!

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23 thoughts on “A Red + White Summer Dessert Perfect for Canada Day!

  1. This is such a great idea. Everything is better on a skewer – and its an easy way to get my kid excited about the random things they wont eat.

  2. This is brilliant! What the heck! I sincerely want to make every brilliant dessert the Canadian blog squad is posting!!!!! I gotta do this one too! Thanks for sharing, you guys are basically building my menu! haha

  3. If that is Angel Food cake, I’m in. This is perfect for Canada Day. It has three of my favourite things – cake, whipped cream, and strawberries. Happy 150.

  4. This looks so yummy and easy to make! Will have to try it in our Summer time here in Australia!

    Thank you for sharing your yummy recipe with is us over at Waste Not Wednesday!

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