Reclaimed Wood Feature Wall Ideas

Reclaimed wood is still very much in style.  While everyone may not have access to real reclaimed wood to get that farmhouse look, using a product called Stikwood can be a stylish alternative.  Get inspired with reclaimed wood feature wall ideas!

reclaimed wood feature wall ideas using stikwood

You all know how much I love a nice wood feature wall.  While I may be distancing myself from the stereotypical “farmhouse” look, I still think there’s a place for wood feature walls in many different design styles.

There are no less than 2000 different tutorials on Pinterest for making a wood feature wall. Oh and I’m one of those tutorials!  We did a planked faux shiplap wall in Evie’s nursery for just over $30.  Craziness!  Still one of my favorite projects from this house.

While I love the standard planked shiplap wall, a real reclaimed wood wall would just add so much character to a space.  Around a fireplace, behind the couch, or even on the ceiling it would just really transform a room.

So, you want a wood feature/plank wall.  You want a reclaimed wood look.  But, you can’t find any reclaimed wood!

Enter: Stikwood.

I first saw Stikwood on (you guessed it) Pinterest and was instantly intrigued.  It’s real wood cut super, super thin with peel and stik (get it?) backing for easy application.

That’s not the best part.

The best part is the finishes on these wood planks.  You guys, they are AMAZING.  There’s reclaimed weathered white wood, minimalist fir wood, a dark black charcoal wood and so, so many more.

I’ve never personally used Stikwood.  But, I know I will eventually.  It’s on my list of products to try at some point.  Probably not in our current house but hopefully soon!

To give you an idea of the kind of impact a reclaimed wood wall can make using Stikwood, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite rooms that used Stikwood.

And, this is not sponsored by Stikwood in any way.  I just think their product is so unique and interesting and I’ve lovedddd every room I’ve seen that’s used it!

Addison’s Wonderland used Stikwood for a weathered wood ceiling and I love it. All the heart eyes.

Hello Lovely Studio adding a planked feature wall in their master bedroom.  It adds the perfect soft, farmhouse touch to the space.

Bless’er House used Stikwood in her farmhouse kitchen makeover.  Doesn’t it look so pretty with those stools?!

I like how Bees ‘N Burlap used Stikwood in an unconventional place – the laundry room!

This gorgeous feature wall by Christina’s Adventures brings texture to her bedroom.  One of my favorite uses of Stikwood for sure!

Dwell Beautiful added Stikwood behind the fireplace to complete the cutest and most cozy looking room!

Another gorgeous makeover from Christina’s adventures, the Stikwood ceiling in her Victorian Farmhouse Entryway is so beautiful!!

I don’t know what it is about this ceiling but I can’t take my eyes off of it!!  The DIY Mommy really knocked it out of the park with her bedroom makeover!

Refresh Restyle used Stikwood as a farmhouse style wall treatment in a dining room!

Last but not least, and my personal favorite use of Stikwood, Kristi Murphy made a DIY herringbone wall with Stikwood.  I can’t get enough.  I love the texture it brings to the room and that the decor and style is still modern.  Plus, who doesn’t love herringbone?!  I would definitely like to reproduce this exact space as my master bedroom 🙂

So, are you sold on Stikwood?  I think it’s a really neat product.  Probably should mention it’s a bit pricey.  But, for just one pretty feature wall I think it’s probably worth it 🙂

Wishing you a joyful day!

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  1. I also priced stickwood out for a wall treatment but was able to accomplish the same results using underlayment I had my Home Depot. They cut it to my dimensions and I whitewashed it. A whole wall for forty dollars!

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