How to make a DIY Industrial Farmhouse Pin Board

Greetings, new friends!

Kelly here from North Country Nest and back for our second month of DIY.

Today, I want to share a fun project for all you organizers out there – an industrial farmhouse pin board.

Because can you really ever have too many places to hang those pesky little papers that seem to go missing at EXACTLY the same time you need them? We can’t be the only family that is notorious for misplacing the endless stacks of coupons and rebates and invitations.

In an effort to help control the clutter, I created this quick and easy DIY. The pin board and chicken wire bring twice the defense for your paper battle.

Most of the supplies can be found around the house, but if you aren’t a DIY hoarder like me, everything on the list is fairly inexpensive.

Industrial Farmhouse Pin Board

What You Need

1×2 wood piece
Farmhouse fabric
Nail gun
Staple gun
Chicken wire
Wood stain [we used Varathane in Espresso]
Orbital sander
60 grit sandpaper
Hanging hardware (optional)


How to Make an Industrial Farmhouse Pin Board

The first step is creating the pin board portion using plywood, batting a fabric. I had this piece laying around in our scrap pile – it’s 16.5 inches x 7.5 inches.

Next, trace the plywood on the batting and cut. Then, repeat with the fabric, leaving about an inch or two overhang around all the edges.


I used a hammer and nail to secure the fabric, but I would highly recommend using a staple gun or nail gun. I was doing this part on my own and I haven’t graduated to nail/staple gun status in our house yet. One of these days I need to take the leap, but I am not quite there 🙂


After finishing the pin board, it was time to measure and cut the frame. I used a miter saw to make the cuts – the top and bottom are 17.5 inches and the sides are 24.75 inches. Yes, I realize it’s a little ironic that I am scared of a staple gun but can handle a miter saw like a champ. You never know when those staples could get out of hand!

Industrial Farmhouse Pin Board

After cutting the pieces, I quickly went over them with the orbital sander to clean up the surface and round out the edges. Then I gave them a quick wipe down and applied one coat of stain in Espresso.


Once that dried, we were ready to assemble the frame and secure it to the pin board. We (and by we, I mean Brett) first nailed the corners together and then secured the bottom to the pin board.

Industrial Farmhouse Pin Board

The last step was stapling the chicken wire to the bottom. This was pretty quick and easy – just pull the chicken wire taught across the bottom and work your way down the sides.

Industrial Farmhouse Pin Board

Some of the staples didn’t go all the way in so we just went back and hammered them down. I cleaned up the excess with a wire cutter and called it good.

Now if only keeping track of those papers were this easy 😉

Until next month!

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