How to Make Guests Feel Welcome While Renovating Your Home


It’s full on chaos here at North Country Nest – we’re getting married on Saturday (!) and are busy getting the house in semi-livable condition post garage building.

Needless to say, the dirt, dust and power tools have been flying around like crazy at our house. And this got me to thinking… we can’t be the only ones who struggle with making a renovation zone presentable for guests.

making guests feel at home

When our first overnight guest came to stay, all we had out was a bed in the middle of a framed in room – no doors and no walls. The only bathroom with a shower was the one connected to our bedroom.

Fast forward a year and a half and we not only have a room with four walls but also a door! Even better is the bathroom that we finally completed with a shower/tub combo.

making guests feel at home

If you’re anything like us, you want your guests to feel as at home as possible, even in the midst of a home renovation. And this can be quite challenging because not everyone finds comfort in living amongst drywall, subfloor and randomly strewn power tools.

To make the construction zone and little more homey, we put out a few necessities to make their stay a little more enjoyable.

making guests feel at home

1. Travel size anything. Head to Target or the dollar store for all the go-to toiletrees that they may have forgotten to pack like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hair spray, shaving cream, tooth paste and body wash.

making guests feel at home

2. Cotton. Cotton balls, cotton swabs, cotton rounds. There’s nothing as irritating as having to wipe your ears out after a hot shower and realizing you forgot the cotton swabs.

making guests feel at home

3. The wifi password. If your guests are planning on staying longer than an evening, it’s more than likely they’ll want to hook up to your wifi and save their data. Print out a cute farmhouse sign and write in your username and password with a dry erase marker.

making guets feel at home

4. Things to read. Whether it’s magazines or books. throwing in a few good reading materials always add a homey touch

making guests feel at home

5. Fresh flowers Not only does it add a touch of beauty and charm to the room, it also shows that you went the extra step to make them feel special.

making guests feel at home

Making guests feel welcome is a challenge, even when your house isn’t constantly filled with drywall dust and power tools. Taking the time to provide a few comforts might actually let them see past the fact that they’re walking on subfloor…or that their room doesn’t even have a door 😉

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