15 Outdoor Rugs for Under $150

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Today I wanted to share a few sources for inexpensive outdoor rugs that I discovered while completing our Outdoor Makeover Challenge last month (you can see the full reveal here). As I started the hunt for the perfect outdoor rug, I discovered that I was embarking on a journey that was far more difficult than I had expected. To be honest, it hadn’t even occurred to me that an outdoor rug would cost more than a couple hundred dollars, so you can imagine how surprised I was that not only did higher prices exist, but that they were the norm. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find an outdoor rug for less than $150! I suppose the whole world doesn’t live buried in snow for 3/4 of the year, but living here in the Kootenay Mountains, that certainly is the case for us. More importantly, with a limited budget, I really felt there were SO MANY better ways to spend our money. And so, my hunt for a budget friendly outdoor rug began and, because it seemed these options were few and far between, I couldn’t help but share with y’all what I came up with.
15 Outdoor Rugs for under $150 @ making it in the mountains

Outdoor Rugs @ making it in the mountains
1 – Target $48
2 – Rugs USA on sale for $148.80 (they ALWAYS have 60%+ off sales)
3 – Lowes on sale for $114.02
4 – World Market $59.99
5 – World Market $59.99
Outdoor Rugs @ making it in the mountains
6 – Target $149.99
7 – Rugs USA on sale for $135
8 – Target $48
9 – Rugs USA on sale for $139.80
10 – Target $99
Outdoor Rugs @ making it in the mountains
11 – Rugs USA on sale for $61.80
12 – All Modern $134.08
13 – Rugs USA on sale for $61.50
14 – Costco $79.99
15 – Home Depot $99.97

I found a ton of great stores that carry really affordable options, but I’d have to say the one with the biggest and best selection was Rugs USA. They have AMAZING sales (in all the times I’ve visited their site, I’ve NEVER seen less than 50% off!). In fact, I’ve been scoping out some awesome finds there for a new rug in our living room as well!

Are you on the hunt for an affordable outdoor rug? Here’s hoping this gives you a great place to start!

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38 thoughts on “15 Outdoor Rugs for Under $150

  1. I love all the ones from Target… but then again I am a total Target junkie. I would bet that since summer is starting to get to it’s apex that many of these outdoor rugs are going on sale or clearance. I will definitely have to check some of these out. Thank you for posting this 🙂

    1. Thanks Megan! I loved them too and totally would have bought the aqua one if they had made it in an 8×10!!! They are ALL on sale it seems, so it’s definitely a great time for some outdoor rug shopping!

  2. Gorgeous rugs – I just adore that blue one!
    I have one outside but this maybe it’s last summer –
    Beautiful selections – thanks for sharing !
    Came by via French Country Cottage

  3. Nice post. You did a great job researching this for anyone looking for an outdoor rug. I also wanted to mention how nice and clean your website looks. Found you on SITS. Have a great weekend.

  4. Thanks for linking up to the Be-you-tiful link party! I love it that you took the time to research these for us! My outdoor rug is almost at it’s end! I will definitely use these ideas when it is time to replace!

  5. This is a great resource! Outdoor rugs can be really pricey. And often the less pricey ones are not so cute. These are all beautiful! Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange. xo, Laura

  6. Love the blues and the black rugs. Our outdoor area is looking pretty sad at the moment and a nice rug would give it a boost. My only concern is that our dogs will probably pee on it…lol. Thanks for sharing on Merry Mondays.

  7. I’m always looking for a new rug! Thanks for the info. Pinned. Thanks again for being a part of our party. See you tonight. Lou Lou Girls

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